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Hoover Fridge Freezer Problems And Troubleshooting

Open refrigerator full of food

Hoover fridge freezers with frost-free technology mean you’ll never have to defrost your freezer again. With multiple freezer drawers, wine racks, LED lighting and an A+ energy rating these appliances are a must for any busy household.

The Nextra range offers even more space, adjustable feet, integrated handles, and reversible doors. But for all these additional features there sometimes comes a range of faults. See some Hoover Nextra fridge freezer problems here…

Defrosted food in the freezer

This indicates an issue with the power supply. The electricity may have been interrupted by a power cut, or there may be a problem with the socket, fuse, or isolator switch. All of these faults can be identified and safely fixed by a qualified electrical engineer.

Frost in the back of the fridge

This happens if the door has been left open and warm air has entered the fridge compartment. If the door is experiencing problems with closing and staying closed this could be related to damaged door seals that may need replacing.

Fridge freezer feels hot

This can be normal as many cooling appliances actually give off heat through the sides of the cabinet. However, it can also point to inadequate ventilation around the fridge freezer itself. An experienced technician will be able to examine the pipework at the back of the appliance to ensure there isn’t another underlying issue.

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Fridge too cold or too warm

Hoover fridge freezer thermostat problems can cause this to happen. If the thermostat has a blocked tube or is making inaccurate readings it’ll need to be replaced by a qualified repairer. The thermostat control can also slip or become loose and this can also be repaired or replaced by your technician.

If the fridge freezer has a light on but isn’t working the thermostat may have been accidentally turned off or set to the defrost setting. Other culprits could be an ineffective door seal or a build-up of frost.

Compressor motor running continuously

The compressor draws the cold refrigerant gas in, and as this gas is compressed the temperature rises. It then pushes the hot, compressed gas through the outside metal condenser coils at the base of the fridge.

Common reasons for the compressor to fail include general wear and tear, failure of the motor fan, and dirty condenser coils. The fridge freezer can’t work without a functioning compressor so this will need to be repaired by an expert as soon as possible.

Hoover frost free fridge freezer problems can include:

Frost-free fridge freezer icing up

A common cause for a build-up of ice is a faulty door seal – as this causes the outside warmer air to pass into the compartment. If the ice build-up is only in the freezer the drain is probably blocked.

If the frost-free freezer has ice around the evaporator there may be a problem with the defrost thermostat – causing the heater to be unable to melt the frost from the evaporator coils. All these issues can be easily resolved by your repair technician.

Ice in the base of the freezer

As the defrost timer works on a six to eight-hour rota to defrost your fridge freezer if this component is defective the defrost function will stop. Alternatively, if the drainpipe has become obstructed preventing the water from exiting this will cause a layer of ice to form in the bottom of the freezer – simply resolved by your local expert.

Get a Six-month Repair Guarantee

Hoover fridge freezer repair London master technicians have all the skills and equipment to carry out your repairs. There’s no call-out charge and a return visit is included in the price. You’ll get all the help and advice you need, a swift diagnosis of any issues, and a repair to ensure that your Hoover fridge freezer works as new.

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