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Hotpoint Dishwasher Error Codes And Their Meaning

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 When your dishwasher starts to experience operating difficulties the display panel will show a specific code. Each code will relate to a relevant fault you may need professional help fixing.

Hotpoint dishwasher error codes

Hotpoint dishwasher fault codes include:

Hotpoint Aquarius dishwasher fault codes

Hotpoint Aquarius dishwasher faults will be indicated by the following codes:

Hotpoint dishwasher troubleshooting

Hotpoint dishwasher error codes with flashing lights

When this combination happens there are several common causes. This could be that the water hasn’t reached the correct temperature within a set amount of time resulting in a light on the control panel flashing, indicating a possible fault with the heating element of the heating element assembly.

A defective drain pump can also cause the control panel lights to flash as can a faulty touchpad. If the dishwasher lights are flashing and there is also an error code in the display window checks will need to be made within the wiring and this is best left to an expert.

Hotpoint dishwasher salt and rinse aid lights flashing

When the salt light on your dishwasher flashes it indicates that it’s time to refill. Each wash will use some salt to soften the water and depending on usage the top-up should be carried out at least once a month.

Rinse aid lowers the surface tension of the water spreading the water into thinner sheets that roll off the dishes. A rinse aid flashing light means that the level is low and requires a refill.

Hotpoint dishwasher not draining

Common problems here include a broken drain impeller which ushes the water through the drain hose to empty your appliance. If the drain pump motor is faulty this will also prevent your dishwasher from draining. Bear in mind that drain pumps aren’t repairable they must be replaced.

A defective drain solenoid which can’t open to allow the water to drain will need replacing, as will a faulty drain valve. An obstruction in the drain line may cause the motor not to run during the drain cycle and the pump and motor assembly might need to be replaced.

Hotpoint dishwasher not filling

This indicates that there’s something wrong with the water supply and that could be an issue with the water supply valve, the water inlet valve, or the float mechanism. Damaged or obstructed pipes will also prevent your appliance from filling properly.

Hotpoint dishwasher leaking

This problem could be caused by a stuck inlet valve meaning that your dishwasher will continue to fill with water until it leaks or overflows. Otherwise, this could be a tear or gap in the door gasket or door seals.

A cracked wash arm assembly can allow a jet of water to spray towards the door seal causing a leak and if the wash arm support is loose this can result in water spraying out from the lower pump housing causing waves that can leak out of the bottom of the door.

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