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Hotpoint Dishwasher Problems

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Hotpoint dishwashers come in an entire range of different types including fully and partially integrated. Freestanding. And slimline. With energy classes of up to A++ you can save on energy bills with an eco-friendly appliance.

Handy features provide space optimisation and running silently. But even the best technology can have glitches. Look at a range of Hotpoint dishwasher problems here…

Hotpoint Dishwasher Troubleshooting

When you have a problem with your Hotpoint dishwasher you can start troubleshooting – even if you can’t fix the problem yourself. See some common issues when your Hotpoint dishwasher:

Won’t start

You need to ensure that the power is on – if the control panel doesn’t turn on and the appliance appears to be dead this indicates a possible problem with the power supply. Sockets and fuses should be the first components to check. Then look at the electrical circuit breaker to see if it has tripped.

Other concerns could be a defective door switch, timer, or selector switch. You may need an appliance service engineer to solve these issues.

Won’t fill

This indicates a problem with the water supply system. Make sure the taps at the back of the dishwasher are turned on fully. And check that the hoses aren’t kinked or damaged in any way.

The float inside the dishwasher may have become obstructed or dislodged. Or the water inlet valve may be faulty. As could the pressure switch, and the timer or selector switch. If you have any questions you can get in touch with a professional appliance repair technician.

Won’t empty

When your dishwasher won’t drain this is possibly due to a non-functioning pump, a blocked drain hose, or obstructions in the house drain lines. The strainer located under the bottom arm spray at the bottom of the cabinet may need cleaning or replacing.

If the sink is backing up with water this will confirm a blockage in the drain. You may need a plumber to fix this for you.


It’s recommended that you run your dishwasher empty on a hot setting with limescale – this will hygienically clean the dishwasher and stop any reoccurring odours. You should carry out this procedure every month for the best maintenance.


A range of reasons can cause leaks – from using too much detergent to improperly loading the dishes resulting in water spilling through the door vent. Door leaks indicate a problem with the seal, or the secure closing of the door itself.

If the dishwasher isn’t level this can cause a potential leak. As can damaged hoses, loose hose connections, and faulty pump seals.

Leaves cloudy marks on dishes and glasses

This could be possible calcium deposits and is easily remedied by the addition of dishwasher salt which will improve washing performance. And protect your dishwasher. It’s available in powder or tablet form.

Other Model Issues

Hotpoint Aquarius dishwasher problems can cover overfilling, turbine errors, timing out when draining, and software recognition faults. Communications between control boards and non-operative electronic control modules can also contribute to the appliance not working properly. All these issues can be fixed by a qualified dishwasher repairer.

Hotpoint Ultima dishwasher problems are signified by fault codes displayed on the front panel. These can point to defects with valves, water supply, drainage, thermistor, and circulation.

Other problems may involve heating timeout, heating circuit errors, and fill timeouts. On occasion, the flood protection system can be activated. For all the help and advice you need contact a trained and qualified engineer.

Get a Same-Day Appointment

When you need a professional Hotpoint dishwasher repair simply book a slot online with trusted appliance repair specialists. Your work will be carried out by highly trained local experts. Any issues with your dishwasher will quickly be diagnosed. And resolved. Your dishwasher will soon be up and running as new. And every repair will come with a six-month parts and labour guarantee.

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