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How To Reset Indesit Washing Machine

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Indesit washing machines have many features – including those designed specifically for sportswear – keeping your trainers clean and fresh following a workout! Quick and effective programmes make this basic appliance a popular choice for many households.

Most modern washing machines come with a reset facility that lets you start the washing machine again after an error code or fault has been experienced. See how to reset Indesit washing machine here…

The Reset Procedure

Indesit washing machine factory reset instructions are as follows:

The machine should now be reset and function normally – if not you may have to repeat the procedure. If this fails again there may be a fault that’s preventing the washing machine from working. And you may need to get in touch with a trained technician to diagnose the cause. And fix the problem for you.

Programmable Washing Machine Reset Tips

When a reset function is available this will clear an accidental delay start command. And resets programme errors that cause the machine not to start. Each model will vary in the resetting procedure but a basic guide is shown below:


Problems Causing the Need to Reset

There are many reasons that instigate the need to reset your Indesit washing machine. These include a power outage or imbalanced loads. Some models have a reset button that you simply press to reset the motor. Programmable models usually have a reset function or position.

Indesit washing machine reset issues include:

Washing machine won’t start or stops during a programme – this is often due to a power cut – and the circuit breaker will need to be checked to ensure it hasn’t tripped.

Other factors could be related to the water supply which will cause the washing machine failing to fill during the rinse cycle. And will result in the appliance stopping mid-cycle. If the drain hose is positioned at the wrong height – or is damaged in any way this will also lead to problems.

Flashing lights

Most Indesit washing machines have a series of lights that flash to indicate a possible fault. The most common are:

Pre-wash – pointing to a failure to fill correctly. You’ll need to check the water supply, and hose pipes for leaks and obstructions.
Wash – an accidental movement of the programme dial can cause this light to flash – and you may be able to stop the light by moving the dial to its original position.

Spin – specifies that the load is excessive or unbalanced and may need to be redistributed and loaded evenly. Otherwise, the programme will end.

End – shows that the washing machine has reached the end of a wash programme. However, if the wash, rinse, and spin lights are all flashing at the same time this indicates a possible obstruction in the filter, drain, or waste pipe.

Need a Repair from an Expert?

It’s simple to find specialists in Indesit washing machine repairs. Trust Mix Repairs’ local appliance repair services technicians with years of experience. And all the training and qualifications needed to carry out your work. You’ll easily be able to book a convenient appointment online. Without any call out charges. And your repair will come with a six months guarantee.

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