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Is Your Ariston Washing Machine Displaying F05 Error Code?

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Your Ariston washing machine will display an error code or flash LED lights when it’s experiencing operation problems. This is simply an indication of where the fault may be but won’t tell you specifically what component isn’t working properly.

All the error codes shown below relate to Ariston 200 washing machines. Is your Ariston washing machine displaying F05 error code? Read on to find out more…

Ariston washing machine error codes

Ariston washing machine fault codes include:


This is a motor triac short that is generally associated with a failure of electronics or with the motor itself. This could be short-circuiting, faulty connections or contacts, or wire breakage.


A fault on the main circuit board can cause this error code to display as the signal from the tacho sensor isn’t being relayed to the electronic controller. Connections, motor windings, and tachometer windings will need investigation.


The NTC sensor which connects to the heater element may be at fault here. This part reads the temperature of the water and may fail due to defective wiring.


If the pressure switch that’s attached to the pressure hose becomes stuck this error code will show and the connection between the electronic controller and the level sensor will need to be tested as well as the pressure switch itself.


Ariston washing machine F05 code typically means that the drain pump isn’t working or that the level pressure switch has become jammed resulting in the empty tank signal not being generated after the wash programme has been completed. The drain pump will need to be checked for possible obstructions or damage, and the pressure switch for wiring and module connections.


Although this error code is rarely seen it can indicate problems with the buttons of the washing machine display. The serviceability of the buttons will need to be tested as will the connectors between the controller and the control panel


This code indicates that the heater relay has become stuck and there may be some failure of the heating circuit. All components will need to be checked with a multimeter to ensure continuity.


This code is indicating a similar issue with the heater becoming stuck in the full position. The contacts and pressure connections will all need to be thoroughly investigated.


This setup error basically means that the electronics will need to be reprogrammed or possibly replaced.


The pressure switch failure will cause this error code to display and can point toward your appliance’s inability to read the pressure sensor correctly.


This code shows that draining is an issue and the drain pump may be blocked or faulty. All connections will need to be checked alongside the impeller, windings, and coils in the pump itself.

Ariston washing machine troubleshooting

Ariston washing machine all lights flashing

If your wash, rinse, and spin lights are all flashing at the same time this would indicate a possible obstruction in the filter or drain hose. The pump filter will need to be cleared of any debris and the drain hose will need to be manually emptied.

Ariston washing machine all lights flashing and not draining

This confirms that there is a blockage in the drain pump or the drain hose that’s preventing your appliance from emptying the water. The instructions provided above will also apply here.

Ariston washing machine door lock light flashing

The door lock light will flash when the door isn’t closed securely. This could be due to an obstruction in the lock itself, or an issue with the door interlock. In either case, your washing machine won’t start the wash cycle.

If you have any of the above issues with your Ariston washing machine simply call on your local professional appliance repair engineers. You’ll get a quick diagnosis and an effective repair without any hassle!

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