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Lamona Washing Machine Problems


Lamona washing machines have easy-read LED displays – and A+++ energy ratings. 8kg drum capacities make them ideal for family households. Programmes are designed from dark care to delicate washes. And features include economy, start delay, wool, and child-lock facilities.

But even with all these advances things can still go amiss. See a range of Lamona washing machine problems here…

Lamona Washing Machine Fault Codes

Lamona washing machine error codes are used as a diagnostic aid giving you an idea of where to start looking for the fault. In many cases when the source is identified you may not be able to repair it yourself.

Most modern washing machines use a series of flashing LED lights, or letter and number combinations to identify a fault. But they’re not a replacement for the skills of a qualified engineer.

Fault codes vary depending on the model of your appliance so you should check the manufacturers manual for a comprehensive guide to help you.

Specific Faults

Lamona washing machine faults can include:

Not spinning

Most washing machines today have balance sensors built into the electronics that identify small loads as a potential risk. If the appliance spins out of balance due to excessive vibration this could result in damage to the cabinet. And to the drum and bearings. You can adjust the load and try again.

Overloading the machine will have the same effect. And if the washing machine is experiencing problems with draining it won’t spin for reasons of safety.

Unable to drain

This issue can occur due to several reasons. The pump may be obstructed by dust and debris located in the filter. Carbon brushes may be worn causing the motor to lose performance and start to turn more slowly. You’ll need to drain the appliance by hand if there’s not an emergency drain down operating facility.

Draining the machine when it’s full of water is known as gravity draining – you’ll need to pull the machine out and drop the drain hose into a basin which will allow the water to drain away.

Drum won’t turn

There are a number of parts you can check to identify the fault – it could be due to a belt problem, a faulty motor, worn brushes, or even a defective motor controller. The investigation is often best left to a specialist.

High noise levels

This normally means something is stuck in the drum or the drain pump. Coins and other loose items can cause a rattling sound during the wash cycle – and you can retrieve them by removing the heater or sump hose.

Faulty bearings can also cause a noise – you can test for this by turning the drum manually and you’ll hear a rumbling sound.

Door won’t open

The door lock won’t release if the washing machine detects that there’s still water inside. This is a normal procedure and is purely a safety device. As soon as it is safe to do so the door lock will release.

If this fails to happen it could point to a faulty door lock mechanism. Don’t force the door from the front as this could damage the machine – you’ll need to reach down and gently push the latch back to open the door.

Cycle won’t finish

A programme ending mid-cycle needs a thorough examination as the reasons are many. It could be due to a faulty heater, defective thermostats, or worn motor carbon brushes that will cause your machine to stop and do nothing.

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