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Smeg Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

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Smeg produces many high-end dishwashers winning awards for contemporary and elegant designs. Notable features include sensor technology that adjusts the water quantity, temperature, and application to suit the load.

Orbital washes give more thorough water distribution with planetary washes using an energy-efficient single wash arm to wash dishes from more directions. And eco washes use less energy and water to balance hygiene with the environment.

So, what happens when all this advanced technology goes wrong? Look at Smeg dishwasher problems and troubleshooting here…

Smeg dishwasher troubleshooting

Smeg dishwasher problems may include:

Smeg dishwasher not starting

This could simply be a problem with the power supply as your appliance won’t start if the water can’t be drawn from the mains water supply. If your appliance isn’t verifying the setup and start of a wash cycle the power socket may be faulty.

Household fuses and circuit breakers will need to be investigated by a qualified electrical engineer who will safely resolve any electrical-related issues.

Smeg slimline dishwasher problems can also consist of:

Smeg dishwasher flashing

A faulty or corrupted control board in your appliance can cause random error codes to flash. The soap dispenser can become defective over time and this produces the same results. You’ll need an experienced appliance repair technician to sort any issues with the main control board for you.

Smeg dishwasher error codes

Smeg dishwasher faults will be bought to your attention by the LEDs on the LCD display. Error codes can vary from appliance to appliance so you may need to check your manufacturers manual if a different code is showing from those below:

E01 or E09 – anti-flooding system has been tripped

When the water level in your dishwasher has passed the supposed level the flood protection system will be activated. This fault may be due to a malfunctioning valve letting too much water into the appliance, or a blocked filter preventing the water from draining.

E02 – overfill issue

This error code appears when the water level in your dishwasher is too high and can be caused by the pressure switch which monitors these water levels. If the switch itself isn’t faulty the problem could be the wiring or connections between the control board and the switch.

E03 – dishwasher not heating

The most likely cause here is a defective heating element that may need to be replaced. Faulty wiring or connections between the heating element and the control board will also cause this error code to display.

E04 – temperature sensor fault

Faulty wiring can prevent the temperature sensors from monitoring the temperature of water in your dishwasher correctly. The sensor and the connections will need to be safely checked and repaired or replaced as needed.

E05 – dishwasher not filling

When this happens, it could be the water inlet valve that’s defective. Otherwise, issues could be experienced from the water supply itself, or an inlet hose that has become damaged or kinked.

E06 – dishwasher not draining

A Smeg dishwasher not draining implies that the filter or pump are blocked. If the pump itself is faulty it will need to be expertly replaced.

E07 – flow meter detected

If your dishwasher isn’t fitted with a flow meter this error code indicates an issue with the control board. Your appliance may need to be reset to enable proper functioning.

E08 – water distribution problem

This error code displays when your appliance is having difficulties with the water distribution to the baskets.

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