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Samsung is an internationally-renowned technology company. They make everything from smartphones and tablets to a full range of household appliances. Mix Repairs regularly handles Samsung appliance repair across the capital. We provide a six-month guarantee for all parts and labour with every service as well as full insurance cover. Plus, all of our engineers get regular training updates to familiarise themselves with the latest models the company offers.

Samsung appliance repair from us includes specialist services for their fridges, washing machines and ovens – as well as all of the other appliances which this South Korean manufacturer provides to households and businesses all over the world.

Book Samsung Fridge Repairs For Any Model in Your Kitchen

Get swift action when your fridge breaks down. Mix Repairs gives you fast, hassle-free and fully insured Samsung fridge repairs for every model of appliance this manufacturer offers. From services suited to their smaller chiller options to Samsung American fridge freezer repairs if you have one of their larger combined models.

We also provide you with same day and next day appointments – this usually means you won’t have any time to worry about what will happen to your frozen food while your refrigerator is out of action:

Because your appliance will be fixed before it becomes an issue.

We’ll send you a fully qualified engineer who has a great deal of experience in Samsung refrigerator repair. They’ll be able to quickly diagnose the fault and effect any necessary fixes. We usually have all of the needed replacement parts in our van too. So there’ll be no delays in getting your fridge or freezer back to full working order. All of the Samsung fridge freezer repairs we complete come with our six-month quality guarantee for all parts and labour as standard.

Some of the most common faults and malfunctions we’re called out to troubleshoot and rectify include situations where:

  • Your freezer won’t turn on
  • It makes loud regular or irregular noises
  • It leaks water
  • The lights are off
  • It is not cooling food
  • It is overcooling food

But no matter what general maintenance, specific part replacement, diagnosis or Samsung fridge repairs you need, we’ve got the expert engineers – and the short-notice appointments – to make it fast and easy.

Get Fast, Fully Insured Samsung Washing Machine Repair

We tend to find that people need this service when:

  • The spin cycle won’t start or finish
  • There is a burning smell
  • The washing machine door is stuck or won’t close
  • The machine is not draining
  • It is making loud noises
  • The drain pump is blocked

You can also count on us to replace machine belts, doors, door handles and motor brushes as well as to install new appliances and make sure that they’re working properly. Whenever you need Samsung washing machine repair, simply get in touch with us. We can be there to get your appliance back to proper working condition very quickly indeed.

Book Samsung washing machine repair at short notice – even on the same day or for the next day. We can diagnose and troubleshoot problems you’re having with any model of clothes washer which Samsung makes, including both domestic and commercial ones.

We do so safely as well as quickly.

Because all of the parts and labour which are necessary for your Samsung washing machine repair service come with our standard six-month quality guarantee and are fully insured to boot.


Fully Qualified Engineers

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Order Samsung Oven Repair From the Trusted Local Engineers

We get called out to provide Samsung oven repair most often when:

  • Your oven will not turn on
  • It does not heat up
  • It overheats and burns food
  • Your oven light is not working
  • The door is not closing properly
  • The grill element is not working

But we can actually handle all faults and malfunctions. We’re also being installation specialists – we make it easy to ensure your new Samsung oven has a properly set gas line and electrical hook-ups.

Whatever the problem you’re facing, all you need to do is give us a call.

Samsung ovens are a feature of domestic and commercial kitchens across London and up and down the rest of the UK. When something goes wrong with your usually trustworthy appliance though, Mix Repairs is all set to put it back to rights. Our Samsung oven repair service is fully insured, available on the same day and all parts and labour your repair might require come with a six-month guarantee.


6 Months Guarantee

All our repairs come as standard with our six months parts and labour guarantee.


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