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Lamona appliance repair services in South London & Kent

Is your Lamona appliance malfunctioning or not working at all? Don’t worry. Mix Repairs can help. Our appliance repair specialists are trusted throughout the South London and Kent area meaning local engineers with the right expertise to help resolve your appliance issues quickly and efficiently. When you get in touch with us, we will assign a specialist Lamona engineer to accurately diagnose and then troubleshoot your appliance professionally and with quality guaranteed. Our quality workmanship is backed by a six-month guarantee on labour and parts, meaning you can have greater confidence in the repairs you book with us.

What is more, you can avail of our same-day and next-day appointments for greater peace of mind during emergencies. With us, you get a cost-effective and budget-friendly service that means you can rest assured of service satisfaction. We charge no call out or hidden fees. It’s just a one-off repair fee that is friendly to your wallet. We respect you and your time and will carry out a service that’s swift, efficient, professional and backed by our reliable guarantee. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us whenever you need some professional and reliable appliance troubleshooting help. Our friendly team is at your service every step of the way.

Call us at 020 8079 1446 to verify that you’re interacting with a certified professional!

Our Google Reviews:

Adam Spreadbury
Adam Spreadbury
Ross was excellent. Arrived on time. Fixed the dishwasher and told us about valves on the water pipes needed changing. Definitely would recommend 👍
Barclay Curtis
Barclay Curtis
George came to look at our tumble dryer and our washing machine. He was friendly and knowledgeable and was able to repair the washing machine. Sadly the tumble dryer was too old. Communication with their team was clear and pricing seemed very reasonable to me. No complaints, I would happily use them again.
Maya David
Maya David
They were outstanding. We had the best technician I have ever seen. If you ever need washing machine repair just call them
Perveen Mohammed
Perveen Mohammed
Very efficient. I just made one call for an appointment, and everything was sorted within 24 hours.
Richard Harding
Richard Harding
I booked an engineer yesterday and I was surprised to get one so quickly. The engineer arrived and he was well presented, polite and knowledgeable. He found the problem quickly and explained it clearly. I had to leave as i was taking my wife and son to a doctors appointment. I felt very comfortable leaving him alone in my house. He kept the area clean and tidy and tidied as he went. I would use them again and would recommend them highly. My engineer was Simona Stoikova.
Daniel Alford
Daniel Alford
Simona was super helpful on the phone and gave me all the information quickly and was really friendly. George who repaired my dryer worked really quickly and did a great job. Would defiantly use again.
L Williams
L Williams
This is the second time that I have used this company and I am delighted with the result. Everything was explained clearly and the engineer was able to resolve the problem on the first visit.
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Lamona dishwasher and washing machine repairs in Croydon, Bromley, Dartford and the rest of South London

repair of dishwasher

Having a faulty dishwasher is a pain. So is having a faulty washing machine. Whichever type of appliance you have, you can count on us at Mix Repairs for professionalism when it comes to accurately diagnosing and carrying out your Lamona dishwasher repairs or washing machine repairs. We take so much pride in the quality of our workmanship that we back each service we offer with a six-month guarantee on parts and labour. Whether it’s a Lamona tumble dryer repair that you need or any other appliance type, rest assured that we can help.

Since we cover all areas in South London, our engineers are local to you and mean that they can get to work swiftly and efficiently. They are some of the best experts in the industry and will diagnose the error or fault codes on your appliance with precision. They will then attend to maintenance, repair or spare parts installation for your satisfaction guaranteed and for greater confidence in the restored functionality of your appliance. Book your Lamon appliance repair service with us and count on professional workmanship that’s dedicated to meeting your needs with speed, quality and professionalism.

For experienced engineering solutions to common problems and troubleshooting with Lamona appliances, get in touch with us right now. Our professionals are available to help!

Lamona oven and fridge freezer repairs in Maidstone, Sittingbourne, Tonbridge and the rest of Kent

When you need Lamona cooker and oven repairs, fridge fridge repairs, freezer repairs or any other type of appliance repair service, you can count on the expert technicians at Mix Repairs for professionalism and peace of mind. Our extensive service offering is trusted by manufacturers and is backed by a six-month guarantee. That means that whether you need diagnostics, maintenance, troubleshooting or you’re looking for our engineers to fix any appliance related issues, you’ve got a trustworthy partner for your service repair needs that you can always count on.

When you see any error codes on your integrated or freestanding appliance, rest assured that our capable technicians can help. They will install all the right spare parts and fix any issue that may have caused your appliance to malfunction or break down. Don’t let a faulty appliance stop you in your tracks. Rest assured that with our same-day and next-day appointments, free quotes and affordable service, your appliance is in excellent hands. Covering all areas in Kent, choose a local appliance repair service provider near you. Choose Mix Repairs for quality, reliability and affordability. We are at your service, ready to restore the full functionality of your appliance today.

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6 Months Guarantee

All our repairs come as standard with our six months parts and labour guarantee.

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We are fully insured for public liability an employer’s liability

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Experience hassle-free solutions to common Lamona appliance issues – contact us now for the expertise of our skilled team

Lamona appliances are known for their reliability and quality. However, they can sometimes malfunction or break down. This can be caused by regular wear and tear, a faulty part or another more serious issue. At Mix Repairs, we know just how to resolve any appliance repair issue, including the following:

Tumble dryer troubleshooting

  • Failure to start: Issues with the power supply, door switch or control board may prevent the tumble dryer from starting.
  • Unusual noises: Worn-out or faulty components, such as bearings or rollers, can result in strange sounds during operation.
  • Inefficient drying: Clogged vents, a malfunctioning heating element or a faulty thermostat may lead to poor drying performance.

Dishwasher problems

  • Not working: Electrical issues, such as a malfunctioning control board or door switch, can cause the dishwasher to stop working.
  • Not draining: Clogged drains, a malfunctioning pump or issues with the drain hose can lead to drainage problems.
  • Leaking: Problems with the door gasket, pump, or water inlet valve may result in water leakage during the dishwasher’s operation.

Lamona fridge freezer problems

  • Temperature irregularities: Faulty thermostats, defrost heaters or sensors can lead to inconsistent temperatures in the fridge or freezer compartments.
  • Unusual noises: Worn-out or malfunctioning components, such as the evaporator fan or condenser fan, can produce strange sounds.
  • Fridge freezer faults: Various faults, including electrical issues, compressor problems or issues with the defrost system, can affect overall functionality.

Lamona washing machine problems

  • Not draining: Clogged drain filters, pump issues or problems with the drain hose may prevent the washing machine from draining properly.
  • Leaking: Damaged door seals, issues with the water inlet valve or problems with the detergent dispenser can lead to leaks.
  • Not spinning: Malfunctions in the motor, belt or lid switch can result in the washing machine not spinning during the cycle.

Lamona oven problems

  • Uneven heating: Issues with the heating element, thermostat or temperature sensor may lead to uneven heating in the oven.
  • Faulty igniter: A malfunctioning igniter can result in problems with oven ignition and, consequently, issues with cooking.
  • Door seal issues: Damaged or worn-out door seals can lead to heat loss and impact the oven’s overall efficiency.

Cooker problems

  • Hobs not heating: Malfunctions in the heating elements, switches or ignition system can cause issues with the cooker hobs.
  • Uneven heating: Similar to ovens, cooker issues with uneven heating may arise from problems with heating elements or temperature control mechanisms.
  • Faulty thermostat: A malfunctioning thermostat can lead to temperature control problems and impact the cooking performance of the cooker.

Why choose Mix Repairs for your Lamona Appliances

Is your appliance throwing a wrench in your household routine? Don’t despair! Mix Repairs is your local Lamona champion, ready to diagnose and fix any problem efficiently, getting your essential appliance back to its top performance. Here’s why we’re the perfect choice for your repair needs:

  • Local Expertise: Our qualified engineers are extensively trained and experienced in handling appliances, ensuring they have the know-how to tackle any issue your machine throws their way.
  • Speedy Service & Solutions: We prioritise prompt appointments and swift repairs, minimising disruption to your daily life and getting your appliance back in action fast.
  • No Surprises, Just Solutions: Get upfront pricing with no hidden fees, so you know exactly what to expect before the repair begins. We believe in transparent communication and trust.
  • Quality You Can Trust: We use genuine Lamona parts and proven repair methods, guaranteeing a long-lasting fix that keeps your appliance running smoothly for years to come.
  • Peace of Mind Guarantee: Relax with our comprehensive 6-month guarantee on parts and labor, giving you confidence in the quality of our service and the longevity of the repair.

We’re your Lamona experts in:

Kent: Maidstone, Sittingbourne, Tonbridge, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, and more!
South London: Bromley, Croydon, Dartford, Orpington, and more!

Say goodbye to Lamona woes! Contact Mix Repairs for expert diagnosis and repair. Our technicians will have your appliance running smoothly again in no time, so you can get back to the important things in life.