Common Lamona Oven Problems

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Lamona ovens are available in a vast range of styles. And come with impressive features – from numerous automatic cooking programmes to removable glass doors for easy cleaning. With rapid heat elements and an A energy rating, Lamona ovens fit seamlessly into any trendy kitchen design.

But on occasion things can go wrong and you may experience some operating issues. See some common Lamona oven problems here…

A Troubleshooting Guide

Lamona oven troubleshooting covers:

    • Oven won’t work

This can be due to a faulty main fuse which has blown and tripped the circuit breaker. Or there may be a problem with the power supply. A defective power socket could be the culprit. For any electrical concerns, you should get in touch with a qualified electrician.

    • Oven light won’t come on

Possible causes here are the oven bulb itself which may need replacing. Or this could relate to the power issues mentioned above.

    • Oven creates steam when cooking

Minimal steam emission is quite normal during the cooking of food with high water content. This would normally not be considered as a fault – but if you’re worried about excessive steam then an experienced technician will diagnose and fix any fault for you.

    • Oven is noisy

If your oven is making noises when heating up or cooling down this could be related to the oven cavity expanding and contracting. The oven is designed to accommodate this movement – but any other noises will need to be investigated further.

A noisy fan is usually caused by worn out or dry bearings on the motor. And the fan motor may need to be replaced.

    • Oven won’t heat

A Lamona oven not getting hot may be due to an issue with the oven timer which may need repairing or replacing. Other reasons for your Lamona oven not heating properly could be caused by the elements – either the fan element, the oven element, or the grill element.

The temperature indicator light will help determine whether Your Lamona oven not heating up is due to an element or a thermostat fault. The light comes on as the oven heats – and turns off when the oven has reached the correct temperature.

If the problem is with the element the light will stay on indefinitely as the right temperature will never be reached. When the thermostat is turned on and the light stays off this indicates a defective thermostat. In both cases, the parts will need professionally repairing or replacing.

When then oven won’t heat to the correct temperature another cause could be the temperature sensor. A simple reason could be the sensor is actually touching the wall of the oven affecting its operation – or the temperature sensor may be faulty and need replacing.

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Other Lamon Oven Issues

Lamona oven problems can also include complications with the terminal block. This is the component that the power supply comes through. If the connections to the block are not tightened properly during installation this can cause issues such as excess heat and damage to the block itself.

Thermal cut-outs are electrical safety devices that block electric current when heated to a certain temperature. If they’re working correctly, they show as a short circuit – and a dramatically different reading means the cut-out needs replacing.

The control board can also experience issues which affect oven operation and may need to be repaired or replaced. All of these difficulties can quickly be diagnosed and resolved by an experienced engineer.

When you Need a Comprehensive Repair Service

Only trained and qualified technicians will carry out your Lamona oven repairs in South London and Kent. You’ll be able to book your repair online. And get a quote with flexible prices upfront. All repairs undertaken will get a six-months part and labour guarantee. Your Lamona oven will soon be functioning as new. Explore our extensive service coverage at Mix Repairs!

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