GE front load washing machine problems and troubleshooting

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If your GE washing machine is displaying error codes that look like a foreign language to you and your owner’s manual has been thrown away or is out of reach, you may be feeling overwhelmed at what to do next. Of course, small faults with your washing machine can be symptoms of a bigger problem. However, there may be other factors at play which you may be able to sort out yourself. In this article, we share some of the potential problems your GE front load washing machine may be experiencing and what you can do to troubleshoot them. 


Potential problems and troubleshooting


Some of the most common problems experienced include those when your GE washing machine won’t spin or drain, it makes strange noises during agitation or it does not agitate at all. Here are a couple of reasons behind this. 


  • It’s not spinning


When your front load GE washer is not spinning, this could be caused due to several factors. The main one, however, is a worn out drive belt which prevents the tub from spinning. Another potential cause of your GE washing machine not spinning is a defective door latch or a door switch malfunction. This also means that your machine won’t spin. 


Furthermore, if there are signs of burning or short circuiting, you may be dealing with a defective motor control board as a result of a faulty drive motor belt and pulley. In addition, your rotor magnets may be damaged or your washer drive motor can be defective. In most cases, you will need the right spare parts in order to proceed with part replacement to prevent your GE washing machine making a loud noise during a spin cycle or not spinning at all. 


  • It’s not draining


Another major problem that could arise is if your GE washing machine drain pump won’t stop or your GE washing machine won’t drain. This could be caused by something elementary like a malfunctioning drain hose, which could be obstructed. Alternatively, a damaged impeller could cause pump failure. Speaking of pump failure, it can also fail electrically. This can be checked with a multimeter to determine electric continuity. 


If there is no electricity detected, the pump will need to be replaced. A further potential cause of failure to drain properly is that the drain hose may be twisted or kinked. This is an easy fix you can do on your own, and you can also check for obstructions in the hose. Finally, you may be dealing with a door that has closed but not locked. The control or the timer locks during operation but if the door is not locked, there will be no drainage.

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  • It is making strange noises


When your GE washer is making strange noises, these could be a result of a worn tube bearing (which may require the installation of a new outer tub assembly), worn or damaged shock absorbers, a malfunctioning drive motor, a defective drain pump and also a faulty water inlet valve. 


  • It won’t agitate


And the final potential problem is that your GE washing machine makes a squeaking noise when agitating or it doesn’t agitate at all. This could be a consequence of a broken drive belt, a damaged stator/rotor, a malfunctioning door lock, a faulty timer and a defective motor control board. 


In a nutshell


Although some of these parts can easily be replaced, others will require professional repair assistance because they simply need expertise. This is why you can rely on us at MIX Repairs for your GE washing machine repairs in London. We will be able to diagnose and troubleshoot the problems you’re experiencing with your washing machine and offer you sound advice on the best way forward. This way, you can enjoy greater security and peace of mind while receiving an efficient and professional service. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re just a phone call away.

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