Candy oven heating problems and troubleshooting

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If your Candy oven is not working, you may feel like you have a problem on your hands. This is especially the case since we need our ovens to cook on a daily basis. But before you decide to throw in the towel and get take-away for dinner instead, take a look at our Candy oven troubleshooting guide to help you identify any Candy oven issues and troubleshooting.


Common Candy oven heating problems


Unfortunately, many of this brand’s appliances do not display Candy oven error codes, which can make it more difficult to diagnose the problem at hand. However, there are some frequently encountered problems, especially when your Candy oven is not heating up. Knowing what the problem could be as well as the ways to resolve it can help prolong the life of your oven and ensure smoother functioning over the long term. So, without further ado, here are some of the most common heating problems you may experience with your Candy oven.


  • The oven temperature is incorrect


Whether you have preheated your oven or you’ve placed a meal inside to cook and your Candy oven is not heating up to the correct temperature, you may find that your food is either overcooked or undercooked. In such cases, the recalibration of the oven’s temperature controls may be required. Although you can find the instructions for how to do this in your owner’s manual, many people have thrown theirs away and this means looking online for help. Luckily, our expert engineers can help with this problem by recalibrating the temperature controls for you.  


However, the fact that your oven temperature is incorrect could also be caused by more complicated issues. Among these problems include the temperature sensor inside the oven not working as it should. This is a major reason why your oven isn’t heating up properly. And the cause can be either a faulty temperature sensor or the temperature sensor touching the wall of the oven. It may therefore need replacing. 


The other potential problem could be the oven element that is faulty. In this case, it’s strongly recommended that you get in touch with a professional service provider like us at MIX Repairs for your Candy oven element replacement.

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  • The oven doesn’t turn on


This is another potential problem that you could be facing with your Candy oven. Although it may sound obvious, it’s advisable to check that it is correctly plugged into a power source. Also check that when plugged in, it is not tripping the circuit breaker. Once you’ve done these pre-checks, other possible issues for your oven not turning on include a broken wire, a bad control element or the wrong amount of power entering the unit. Because these issues are more serious and could cause potential harm, it’s advisable that you speak to an experienced service provider to help resolve this issue. 


  • The oven light doesn’t work


The first and easiest way to resolve this problem is to replace the bulb by ensuring that you use the right serial and model number when you purchase the bulb. However, if that doesn’t resolve the problem, you may be dealing with a faulty light switch, electronic control or connecting wire. Once again, because of the risk factors involved, we recommend that you seek out professional help to address this particular Candy oven problem.


Concluding remarks

When it comes to Candy oven repairs in London, always seek out reputable, professional and effective service providers. At MIX Repairs, we offer just that. We offer not only fully qualified engineers but affordable prices with a six-months guarantee on labour and parts. As such, our service is a comprehensive offering that gives you greater peace of mind and which results in an improved functionality of your appliance. Let our engineers take care of your Candy oven problems and rest assured that your appliance will be in top condition once again.

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