Lamona Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting Guide

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Lamona fridge freezers offer great efficiency with A++ energy ratings and many time-saving features. Automatic defrost function and frost-free technology mean there’s no need to manually defrost. With a thermostat regulator and compressor cooling system, this appliance is ideal for busy households.

However, sometimes things can go wrong and you may need professional help to get your fridge freezer operating effortlessly once more. Look at a range of Lamona fridge freezer problems here…

Your Lamona Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting Guide

Lamona fridge freezer troubleshooting includes:

Lamona fridge freezer not working

When the fridge freezer light doesn’t come on and the motor isn’t running there are basic checks that will need to be done. The main reason for no incoming power is typically the electrical power supply. This could be due to the socket, blown fuses tripping the circuit breaker, or a loose power cable.

A comprehensive inspection will need to be safely carried out by a qualified repair technician who will check for damage and quickly resolve any electrical issues.

Lamona fridge freezer thermostat problems

The thermostat needs to be set at the correct temperature recommended by the manufacturer. If the dial is set correctly but the temperature isn’t there may be an issue with the thermostat itself.

The thermostat stops the flow of electricity to the compressor – when it senses too much heat it lets this electricity flow to activate the compressor. When this part is defective the fridge freezer may run constantly freezing everything, or not cooling at all.

Modern frost-free, auto defrost appliances consist of a network of wiring and the safest and fastest way to repair or replace the thermostat is by contacting a trusted appliance repair company.

Lamona fridge freezer not cold enough

The freezer fan may be the culprit here. The fan is responsible for drawing air over the evaporator coils when the compressor is running – if it’s obstructed due to an ice or food debris build-up on the blades for example or blades are bent causing them to jam against the metal case, the blades normally can’t be straightened and will need to be replaced.

If the fan blades are rotating normally but the fan isn’t working the fan motor assembly may need replacing. No voltage reaching the fan motor could also be caused by a faulty wire between the fan motor and the thermostatic control. All of these issues can be efficiently dealt with by an experienced appliance repair technician.

Lamona fridge freezer making noises

Vibrating noises often come from parts that have become loose such as condenser coils or rattling compressor tubing. Loud noises coming from the back of the appliance can indicate an issue with the defrost timer or the condenser fan.

If the circulation fan is the problem the noise will tend to get louder. Bear in mind that if the circulation fan is defective it can quickly cause the fridge freezer to become ineffective as it affects the temperature control.

A faulty compressor is often related to clicking and buzzing noises. Dripping noises accompanied by an excess of condensation indicate a faulty door seal – this can be simply tested by your technician, and a replacement gasket installed.

Lamona fridge freezer doesn’t defrost

As most modern fridge freezers are designed to automatically defrost the problems here will be with defrost heater, defrost timer, or defrost terminator. Following a diagnosis from a specialist any or all of these components can be repaired or replaced.

Hassle-free Fridge Freezer Repairs

Lamona fridge freezer repair London experts don’t have a call-out charge. You’ll be able to get a quick quote and book a repair online. The source of your Lamona fridge-freezer problems will be identified and fixed by a fully qualified and trained local electric engineer. And every repair comes with a six months parts and labour guarantee.

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