5 Common Oven Problems And How To Fix Them

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DIY Oven Troubleshooting: Fixing Common Issues at Home

The oven is an essential kitchen appliance that we really can’t do without! When working properly we can bake, roast, heat and dry with ease, but when things go wrong it can be nothing short of a disaster. Take a look at five common oven problems and how to fix them yourself:

When there’s no power

There are several causes here including melted and loose wire connections, thermal fuses that break, and failure of the electronic components in an electric oven. Check the power supply initially and then turn off the power before making any wiring repairs, and only do so if you’re competent and have the right tools.

When the oven overheats

This is due to the oven thermostat not working properly so the temperature isn’t regulated or controlled. The thermostat will fail to cut off the heating supply to the elements. Replacing the thermostat is your easy option here.

Another component that may be faulty is the thermal fuse which is meant as a safety device to cut off any current if the temperature gets too high. If your oven has over heated due to this particular failure it may not turn on the next time you use it. Change the faulty thermal fuse and your oven will function happily again.

When the oven won’t heat up

There may be a simple explanation such as a faulty gas igniter and to fix that you can test one of the burners on the gas stovetop to see if it’s receiving gas and igniting. If it’s not working simply replace the igniter.

If you have an electric oven the heating element may have worn out or broken. If the element isn’t glowing you may have to replace it – remember to disconnect the power before doing so!

When the temperature is uneven

The temperature sensor inside the oven may not be working properly and can cause the oven to not heat to the correct temperature. Make sure the sensor isn’t touching the inside wall as that affects its ability to function – replacing a faulty one is quite simple.

When the cooking is uneven

After checking the heating elements and the temperature sensor you can try repositioning the cooking racks and the baking tins to see if that helps at all. You may need to re-read the instruction manual to see if your oven cooks differently to how you use it!

The oven repair specialists

Oven repairs that need the help of a professional can easily be booked online. Choose a reliable and cost-effective appliance repair company that’ll give you a six month guarantee for parts and labour, carried out by fully qualified and regularly trained engineers. You’ll be able to get a quick quote before your service begins so you know exactly how much to budget for. Your oven will soon be up and running efficiently once more!

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