Five Accessories You Need For Your Oven

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Did you know that to use your oven to its full capability you can invest in fittings that can make your oven cook more, help with cleaning, and make it safer? Take a look at five accessories you need for your oven:

Oven guards

These are ideal if you have young children that may be tempted to reach up and pull saucepans off the hob. They protect from accidental burning and still look neat even when not in use. Silicone shelf guards prevent burning when brushing against interior shelves as they can withstand high temperatures and are easy to fit and clean.

Oven liners

Perfect for avoiding splashes and keeping the inside of your oven clean, liners are easily installed and removed for cleaning purposes. The liners slide into the base of the oven and catch any spills – reusable baking sheets offer the same type of protection and can be wiped with kitchen towel or washed in warm soapy water.

Oven companions

Tiered oven companions will increase your ovens cooking capacity by allowing you to cook several items at one time. Simple and slender designs mean that you may even be able to use more than one and they’re easy to clean. Add extendable shelves that expand to fit most ovens for even more space.

Oven base shelves

These useful oven accessories that provide extra space have legs that sit on the base of your oven. They’re simple to fit and remove and can act as a cooling tray when you take hot dishes out of the oven to avoid spoiling kitchen surfaces.

Hob scrapers

Burnt on food and spills on the hob can be extremely difficult to remove, so a handy hob scraper may save you a great deal of time and energy! Keeping your hob clean will also ensure greater cooking efficiency.

A home guide to oven maintenance

Cleaning the oven properly has to be done to keep it in full working order. See some oven maintenance tips here:

• Clean knobs, dials, and the control panel by using a mild abrasive cleaning sponge – any removable parts can be soaked in a bowl of hot, soapy water

• Remove burner coils and soak the rings in hot water whilst cleaning the hob with a sponge and appropriate cleaner

• The interior of the oven may be self-cleaning which locks the door and takes a few hours to complete, ovens without special features need an oven cleaner

• Use the correct power, check heating elements and thermostats on a regular basis

• Inspect door seals and any locking devices within the mounting system

When maintenance isn’t enough

If you find you’re having problems with your oven that you just can’t fix you’ll need an oven repairs East London company you can trust to get the job done for you. You’ll be able to arrange same and next day appointments, make your booking by phone or online and get a six-month guarantee for any repairs undertaken. Any work will be carried out by trained and qualified engineers so your oven with all its accessories will fully function once more!

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