AEG Oven Troubleshooting

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AEG produces a range of award-winning ovens that are beautifully designed. The latest Competence series has a wealth of cooking space and great functionality for versatile cooking.

With fan-controlled defrosting, reflective coatings to ensure heat is locked in and heat-activated catalytic cleaning, this oven is the perfect choice for a busy household.

So, what do you do for an AEG oven not working? Read on to find out more about AEG oven troubleshooting and AEG oven fault codes…

Common AEG Oven Problems

AEG Competence oven not turning on

When your oven won’t turn on the issue is often electricity-related. Getting a qualified electrical engineer to identify the source of the problem and safely resolve it is the answer. It may relate to the incoming power, internal fuses, plug, switches, or sockets.

Any igniter faults will also need checking with an amp meter, as the main switch that powers the surface elements may be faulty. And the oven control board may need to be examined if all other checks are satisfactory, and your AEG oven not turning on is still a problem.

AEG Competence oven not heating up

Broil heating elements if damaged will need to be replaced. These elements can become burnt or even disconnected and will need careful inspection.

A defective temperature sensor that regulates the temperature within the oven cavity can also be the culprit of your AEG oven not heating up.

AEG fan oven not heating up

This could be due to a defective AEG oven fan not working properly. If the fan is running, the thermostat light is on, and there’s still no heat this indicates that the heating element surrounding the fan has failed. It may be obvious that your oven element is faulty if it trips the power during cooking, or food isn’t cooked properly at the end of the cooking time.

Your oven repair technician will need to remove the back panel inside the oven to confirm this. The fan will be checked for mechanical problems, a loose fan blade, or problems with the fan motor that may need replacing.

AEG Oven Error Codes

An AEG oven not working will display a fault code that’s a diagnostic aid for an oven repair specialist. You can establish what the potential fault is with the following list, but may not be able to fix the problem without professional help:

  • FO – no alarm signal signifying a problem with the main electronic controller
  • F1 – the door won’t lock indicating the door latch or switch is faulty
  • F2 – the door won’t unlock – an issue with the door lock mechanism or control thermostat are shown as possible faults
  • F3 – a self-test error that requires the oven to be disconnected and restarted
  • F4 – a shorted or open circuit oven temperature sensor has been identified as a problem
  • F5 – relay contacts have been detected as sticking indicating the main electronic control board needs replacing
  • F7 – an incorrect mains supply polarity needs a mains connection investigation
  • F8 – a power supply problem to the interface suggests that checks need to be made to the wiring and connectors and possible replacement of the main electronic control printed circuit board
  • F9 – the processor is automatically resetting and the power needs to be disconnected for five minutes before reconnecting and restarting the oven

A Fast Appliance Repair Service

Did you know that AEG oven repairs in London can be booked online with just a few clicks? Only a team of fully qualified and highly trained engineers will provide a comprehensive service to fix an entire range of problems you may be experiencing. Master technicians use modern tools and equipment to ensure your AEG oven will soon be operating as new.

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