Appliance Buying Tips

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It has been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home and appliances are the heart of the kitchen. The quality, looks and service of the appliances you purchase–including your kitchen appliances-will be critical in your home experience as well as in the resale value of your home.

The investment in a washing machine, dryer, electric oven, fridge and dishwasher that you make today will be perhaps the highest investment return you’ll make in your home. Extra dollars you spend upfront can save you many dollars in years to come.

Helpful Appliance Buying Tips by Mix Repairs London


Initial steps to think of:

  • Measure the openings where appliances are going to go, not necessarily the size of the existing ones.Microwave icon
  • Know your fuel sources (gas or electric) and venting (outside or recirculating).
  • Kitchen style: What kind of look and colors are important?
  • What is the budget you’ve set aside to spend?


  • Visit with an expert salesperson who can give you options. Independent dealers tend to have more expertise and can give you more attention than box stores.
  • Go to manufacturer websites.
  • Internet and consumer report searches can be helpful but often confusing, are not customized, and only show samplings from all brands instead of packages. What is right for one is not right for everyone!

Ways to Save $$$:

  • Use professional appliance installation service which is reasonably priced and will lead to less service issues, better performance and appearance and prevents home damage.
  • Buy in brand packages where discounts can be made.
  • Ask about appliance package rebates (which can be substantial!).
  • Consider and evaluate extended warranties and low or no interest consumer financing.Electric oven icon
  • Energy Star ratings and savings (can cost marginally more but makes up for it and more, in utility savings)
  • Consider closeouts and floor models which can be of great value (but know what you are buying!)
  • Know who is going to locally service your appliances and make sure they are certified by the manufacturer whose product you are buying.
  • Which manufactures back up their product best in your marketplace


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Buy from independents in your area:

  • Independent Dealers’ reputation and success is staked on exceeding your expectations. Be demanding but fair.
  • The Big box store and buying down the hill myths say you can save money buying there, but if you compare pricing and service you will find otherwise.
  • Invest back in your community-it regenerates income back into other local businesses and adds value to the community.
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