Are Your Hoover Tumble Dryer Lights Flashing And What To Do Next

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Hoover tumble dryers are available in a condenser type with heat pump technology that uses hot air to remove moisture from your clothes and recirculate the air multiple times. This ensures more efficient performance and gentler drying of your laundry. Sensor drying systems monitor moisture and temperature levels inside the dryer and automatically stop when the chosen level of dryness has been reached.

But technology isn’t flawless and your tumble dryer may experience a range of common problems. 

Hoover tumble dryer problems

Hoover condenser tumble dryer all lights flashing

When multiple lights are flashing on your tumble dryer and you’re unable to select a programme this points to a software fault. You’ll need to contact a service engineer to fix this problem for you. Other issues with flashing lights could be the dryer getting too hot and this may result in the dryer simply turning itself off. Your technician will also diagnose and resolve this problem

Hoover tumble dryer keeps cutting out

If your dryer switches off after a few minutes of use this could be due to drying a small load. Auto sensor cycles are designed to offer an efficient drying solution for larger loads, so load size needs to be checked first. With a condenser tumble dryer, the issue could lie with a full water tank where new moisture had nowhere to go so your appliance will stop to prevent any damage.

Issues that can cause your dryer to shut off after a few minutes include a dryer motor overheating, a faulty door latch or switch, disconnected moisture sensor wires, and a broken drum belt or idler pulley. All of these issues can be easily rectified by an experienced repair engineer.

Hoover condenser tumble dryer not drying

If this is happening it can be due to lint build-up on the filter or in the condenser. The condenser assembly will need to be expertly removed from your appliance and flushed out to ensure no wet lint is stuck causing the sir to stop flowing through. Lint build-up in the hose can occur in vented appliances.

Hoover condenser tumble dryer faults also include:

Hoover tumble dryer not heating up

This can be caused by a faulty heating element which can be tested with a multimeter, or a tripped thermostat probably caused by overheating. In condenser dryers, the fault can be with the drainage into the reservoir. Extracted water builds up at the bottom of the dryer and is then pumped into a tank that must be emptied regularly. If the reservoir gets too full a float switch will activate and turn off the heater to prevent more water from being collected. The pump must also be in good working order for this process to be successful. A defective pump will need to be replaced by a specialist.

Hoover tumble dryer error codes

Error code E03

This signifies that the water tank is full and needs emptying.

Error code E08

Hoover tumble dryer error code E08 on your tumble dryer indicates that the overheat thermostat on your machine has tripped and this is typically related to problems with the motor, usually the motor speed sensor, which will need replacing if defective.

Error code 7 or 11

If either of these codes is displaying it indicates that the filter or condenser may have become blocked and will need cleaning to remove any accumulated fluff and lint.

Error code E7 or E9

Both of these error codes mean that the filter needs cleaning. If the problem persists following this you’ll need to contact a repair technician.

Time to call on the professionals

A Hoover tumble dryer repair in London and Kent will be carried out by trained and experienced local repair technicians who provide quick and efficient response times. You’ll get high-quality tumble dryer repairs without having to pay a deposit or call-out charge. And every repair comes with a six months parts and labour guarantee.

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