Ariston Oven Troubleshooting

Ariston ovens have become renowned for cooking excellence. Self-cleaning technology makes them a delight to clean, and with significant cooking features such as pizza programmes and telescopic shelf options with ways to open your oven and stir food without tipping – they’re a modern kitchen must-have!

So, what do you do when things aren’t working as they should? Look at Ariston oven troubleshooting here – you’ll be given fault or error codes that are purely diagnostic – and you’ll most likely need an experienced engineer to fix your Ariston oven problems for you.

Common Ariston Oven Issues

Clock button and digits flashing on the display

An Ariston oven clock not working will cause the above to show in the display panel. This could be due to a power cut or surge causing the clock to need resetting. The key is to identify whether the oven clock and the oven itself has stopped working, or just the oven clock is faulty.

An expert appliance repairer will check both the clock and the oven. If the clock needs repairing or replacing that will be done for you. Ariston oven timer problems can also be affected by a power cut – the oven will need to be reprogrammed following any power surge.

Bear in mind that if the high luminosity Clock Button is lit this signifies that the oven is in standby mode and another button must be selected to exit this.

The display does not light

Any electrical issues will be resolved by a qualified electrical engineer – safety checks will be carried out on wiring, fuses, sockets, switches, and power points to ensure all are working properly. Bulbs will be tested to make sure they haven’t blown. The electronic board may not be functioning so this component will be thoroughly examined too, and any necessary repairs made.

Water leaking around the door during cooking

This problem is normally due to defective door seals – if the door won’t close properly when seals are worn or damaged the heat will escape from the oven and meet cooler air outside – causing the excess moisture.

Depending on your appliance model replacement seals may push on or need to be screwed or hooked in place. Your technician will have the right tools and parts to make the new seal airtight.

The oven cooks too fast or too slowly

If the oven is cooking too slowly or too fast this could be an issue with the oven thermostat – which may need to be recalibrated. The temperature can then be adjusted to meet specific cooking preferences.

Unevenly cooked food can result from elements burning out or the wiring becoming damaged over time. Repairs to heating elements and the temperature sensor are simple for your oven repairer to do.

Ignition doesn’t work

If one burner fails to ignite the burner cap may not be seated properly. When all the burners fail then this could be an issue with the incoming power supply. Testing the igniter requires locating and then removing the oven cover to expose the part. This is best left to an experienced technician who can check the igniter for sparks, and clean the pilot hole to facilitate improved sparking.

If the igniter is defective in any way it will need to be professionally replaced to ensure a proper electric charge to the ignition switch.

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