Ariston Refrigerator Error Codes Explained

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Ariston fridges are available in a range of built-in, integrated, and freestanding. Capabilities and sizes are designed to suit the needs of your kitchen, cooking, and storage. Energy efficiency is guaranteed – and features include automatic defrost, adjustable shelves and feet, and a visual warning system if things malfunction.

Ariston refrigerator error codes are explained here…

Ariston Refrigerator Error Codes

Bear in mind that error codes are only an indication of where the fault lies in your appliance. The error code itself is a specific number that identifies what the problem may be in the system and can be helpful in finding a resolution to the issue.

As many of the issues will be linked to an electrical power source its advisable to get a technician to diagnose and safely resolve them for you. Error, fault, and function codes will all help in finding the source of the problem.

Ariston error codes are displayed with the letter F followed by a number. A range of error codes is listed below. For a complete range of Ariston fridge error codes issues, you should consult the manufacturer’s manual.

  • F01 – indicates the relay regulating the compressor function is damaged
  • F02 – shows the compressor connection is broken
  • F03 – points to a failure of the fan controlling unit, the damper, or the compressor
  • F04 – suggests the freezer fan is defective
  • F05 – denotes problems with the thermostat flap
  • F06 – implies the semiconductor system of the thawing process is faulty
  • F07 – the electrical heater connections involved in the thawing process may have been disrupted
  • F08 – specifies problems with the solenoid valves
  • F09 – could be a symptom of the Electronic Product Failure
  • F10 – within the type technology this may be breakage of the CZZ secondary valve or a defective on/off damper switch depending on the model of the appliance
  • F11 – this is the failure of a semiconductor device located in the system that controls the fridge chamber operation
  • F12 – the display and control model has been disconnected
  • F13 – the programmed temperature retaining fan in the refrigeration compartment isn’t working properly
  • F14 – signals the incorrect operation of the module that controls the workings of the damper, heater, and fan
  • F15 – the semiconductor found in the system that operates the compressor, damper, and fan is defective
  • F16 – this No Frost warning indicates the heating system circulating ait-flow is faulty, or the fan in the fridge compartment is damaged – depending on the model of the appliance
  • F17 – if your appliance has an Aqua care feature this indicates an issue with the valve – for a Units ever-fresh model, this may be a problem with the vacuum pump
  • F20 – this is a blown light source
  • F21-F26 – these are a range of codes all relating to defects in the temperature sensors:
  • F22 – in the fridge compartment
  • F23 – the evaporator in the fridge compartment
  • F24 – within the low-temperature compartment
  • F25 – in the freezer compartment evaporator
  • F26 – the thermal detector
  • F28 – a failure of the display model
  • F40-F53 these are codes that appear when the button fails:
  • F40 – switching on/off
  • F41 – Automatic control options
  • F42 – Holiday options
  • F43 – Cooling options
  • F44 – Automatic temperature adjustment options
  • F45 – Quick freeze options
  • F46 – Emergency cooling options
  • F47 – Alarm message
  • F49 – reduction of temperature in the fridge compartment
  • F50 – increase in temperature in the fridge compartment
  • F51 – CCZ (secondary valve is broken)
  • F52 – a rise in the freezer temperature
  • F53 – a fall in the freezer temperature

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