Ariston Washing Machine Error Codes And Troubleshooting You Should Know About

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It will either be digital or flashing LEDs, or a combination of both and will help you identify the source of the problem even though you may not be able to fix it yourself.

See a range of Ariston washing machine error codes and troubleshooting you should know about here…

Ariston washing machine troubleshooting

Digital display codes

Ariston washing machine fault codes include:

Ariston washing machine F01

When some or all of your washing machine functions aren’t operating this error code will display and it indicates an electronic circuit board fault which will need investigating by an experienced engineer.

Ariston washing machine F02

This is a motor circuit fault that results in intermittent or no drum rotation at all during the wash cycle. You’ll need to book an engineer to diagnose and resolve this issue.

Ariston washing machine F05

This is a waste pipe blockage or pump problem that may prevent the door from opening or will allow the door to be opened but water remains in the base of the drum. Checks will need to be carried out on the waste hose, under-sink plumbing, and for a failing drain pump.

Ariston washing machine F07

If you find that during the wash cycle the programme pauses part way through or the water isn’t heating and the pump is continually running this implies a fault with the electronic circuit board or a heating circuit fault. Either of these issues needs expert handling.

Ariston washing machine F09

When you’re unable to select a programme this error code will display and may be accompanied by multiple flashing lights. It indicates a software fault or a setup error and you’ll need technical assistance.

Ariston washing machine F13

Ariston washing machine error code F13 on your washer/dryer means that a dryer sensor fault has been detected and laundry isn’t being dried. This could be related to a defective dryer fan or faulty dryer thermostat. Short-circuiting could also be occurring and need professional attention.

Ariston washing machine F15

This error code relates to both washing machines and washer dryers. It’s typically a heater control fault that results in your washing machine not heating the water and your washer/dryer pausing during the drying cycle or not drying at all.

Ariston washing machine F18

This internal data error will cause some or all of the functions not to work. An experienced engineer will be able to fix this communication problem.

Flashing LED codes

Ariston washing machine all lights flashing

A prewash light flashing can indicate a problem with the filling of your washing machine. This may be due to a blockage or damage to the fill hose pipe. But can also be an issue with low water pressure or a faulty water inlet valve.

Ariston washing machine all lights flashing and not draining

LEDs 2 and 4 will flash when water remains in the drum. This drainage issue can be caused by obstructions in the pump filter or a defective pump. There may also be a blockage or kink in the water waste hose or in any under-sink plumbing.

Ariston washing machine door lock light flashing

When LEDs 2 and 3 are flashing this is a door lock fault. It results in the door not being able to be opened or closed securely which could be due to an obstruction in the door lock itself or a faulty door latch assembly, switch, or loose connections.

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