Ariston Washing Machine Error Codes And Troubleshooting

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Got an Ariston washing machine? When it’s not working properly it will display a digital code or a flashing LED code. What do these codes mean? Take a look at Ariston washing machine error codes and troubleshooting here…

Ariston washing machine error codes

Depending on your model Ariston washing machine fault codes include:

F01: the electronic circuit board is at fault here resulting in some or none of the functions being selectable.

F02: this is a motor circuit that causes the drum not to rotate or only rotate intermittently during the wash cycle.

F03: a temperature sensing fault will stop your washing machine from heating during wash or drying settings

F04: the pressure switch jamming on empty will cause this code to display.

F05: Ariston washing machine F05 shows waste pipe obstruction or a pump issue.

F06: the door of your washing machine can’t be closed or opened indicating there is a door lock fault and the programme won’t start.

F07: when your appliance keeps pausing during the wash cycle this is an electronic circuit board or a heating circuit fault.

F08: this is also a heater fault causing the programme to stop partway through.

F09: a software fault will prevent you from being able to select a programme.

F10: the pressure switch isn’t sensing correctly resulting in this error code displaying.

F11: when water stays in the bottom of your washing machine and isn’t being pumped out this points to a pump circuit fault.

F12: this indicates an electronic control fault that shows a communication error preventing your appliance from turning on.

F13: Ariston F13 error code is a dryer temperature sensing fault resulting from a faulty dryer fan or dryer thermistor.

F15: when your washing machine isn’t heating the water this is typically a heater control fault.

F16: this is a drum lock position sensor fault in a top-loading washing machine type. F18: if some or all of your display and functions aren’t working this is an internal data error.

Ariston washing machine flashing LED codes

LED first light flashing

This combined with error code F08 indicates a heater fault and your appliance may stop partway through the wash programme.

LED first and second lights flashing

Error code F12 will accompany this flashing light sequence and points to an electronic control fault that results in your washing machine not turning on.

LED first four lights flashing

This is a heater control fault and your washing machine isn’t able to heat the water and will stop during the wash cycle. F15 may also display in the digital panel.

Ariston washing machine all lights flashing

When your Ariston washing machine has all lights flashing and is not draining this would indicate a possible obstruction in the filter or drain pipe. Alternatively, this may be an issue with the main control board which would need to be expertly replaced. If F09 shows alongside the flashing lights it’s a further indication that there’s a software fault.

Ariston washing machine door lock light flashing

If this happens it’s an indication that the door interlock is defective and your appliance won’t start as the door isn’t closing securely. If the door lock continues to flash this may be due to a faulty circuit board.

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