Baumatic Dishwasher E4 Error Code And Troubleshooting

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Troubleshooting Baumatic Dishwasher Problems: Decoding Error Codes

A Chinese manufacturer makes Baumatic dishwashers, and although prices are very inexpensive the quality of the appliance can be relatively low. There are several common problems that can occur during washing cycles, and due to the design repairs and replacing parts typically need to be handled by an expert. This is important as some dishwasher spares won’t be suitable for your particular model.

Look at familiar Baumatic dishwasher issues here…

Dishwasher E1 Error Code

This code indicates that the water intake has timed out caused by a defective fill valve, faulty wiring, a turned-off water supply, or problems with the electronic controller.

Dishwasher E2 Error Code

When the dishwasher times out whilst draining this error code will flash. Components that need to be checked include the drain pump for blockages or an open circuit, the outlet hose for obstructions, general plumbing issues, and the electronic controller.

Dishwasher E3 Error Code

This error code will appear when the dishwasher has detected that the water hasn’t been heated within the required time. This may be due to a defective electronic controller, a faulty heating element or thermostats, or wiring difficulties.

Dishwasher E4 Error Code

A Baumatic dishwasher E4 error code will display if the dishwasher gets any water into the base. This triggers the float switch and stops the programme as the appliance believes there to be a leak. However, this E4 error code dishwasher signal can also be caused by a number of other potential problems.

    Baumatic dishwasher error code E4 and troubleshooting can be related to:

  • The dishwasher not being level causing water to enter the overflow tube
  • Water getting into the external overflow via the door opening and closing
  • A pressure difference at high temperature in door opening and closing
  • During the washing process, the water splits in the internal tubes
  • Excessive foam due to the incorrect washing detergent being used, often multi-function tablets

Leaking will probably occur very quickly and emptying residual water out from the base will need to be done initially. This will reset the anti-flood switch and remove the E4 error code from the display. If the leak is internal it will reoccur.

Dishwasher E5 Error Code

This code indicates that the appliance is unable to switch off automatically due in most cases to a low voltage or power switch failure.

Dishwasher E6 Error Code

When E6 appears, this signifies that the thermistor is damaged or faulty causing an open circuit.

Dishwasher E7 Error Code

If the thermistor short circuits due to a fault or damage this error code will display. For codes E6 and E7, the thermistor will need to be replaced.

Other Troubleshooting Aids

If your Baumatic dishwasher problems include beeping this can indicate that the issue is related to a power outage or surge and the dishwasher will need to be reset. A beeping sound every 30 seconds points to the dishwasher door being unlatched during the cycle.

    1. To

reset your Baumatic dishwasher

    you simply:
  1. Turn the dishwasher off with the power button
  2. Press and hold the “P” button when turning the dishwasher back on
  3. Release the button as soon as the appliance lights up

Your dishwasher should now be reset and able to function properly.

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