Baumatic Fridge Freezer Problems And Troubleshooting

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If you’re looking for style as well as energy efficiency, generous storage capacity, and innovative internal configurations, a Baumatic fridge freezer is the appliance for you!

Integrated fridge freezers offer the latest time-saving technology – equipped with frost-free or automatic fridge defrost functionality. And a quiet operation.

So what if things go wrong and your fridge freezer isn’t working as it should? For a range of Baumatic fridge freezer problems and troubleshooting read on…

Your Troubleshooting Guide

Baumatic fridge freezer troubleshooting includes:

Baumatic fridge freezer keeps freezing

A fridge freezer that keeps freezing things may have a problem with the temperature setting – set too low and this will cause the appliance to over-freeze. Dirty coils will also cause this problem as the compressor is then forced to work longer and harder to maintain the right temperature.

If the freezer door isn’t sealed correctly the freezer will run continuously and may cause the fridge section to freeze. Adjustable air ducts on newer models have the potential to cause this fault.

Baumatic fridge freezer leaking water

This could be due to the drain hole – which allows exiting of excessive moisture – being blocked. This results in water pooling at the base of the fridge and eventually leaking out of the appliance itself.

A blocked defrost drain can occur when debris clogs up the drain hose, leading to ice build-up and resulting in water leakage.

Baumatic fridge freezer red light flashing

If the recorded temperature in either the fridge or freezer compartment surpasses the temperatures set on the dials, the warning red neon light will flash. This will stay on until the temperature lowers to the set levels. The rise in temperature could be affiliated to faulty door seals, insufficient ventilation, or a defective thermostat.

If the warning neon red light stays on for a prolonged period of time you need to contact an appliance repair engineer.

Baumatic fridge freezer alarm going off

If your fridge freezer is equipped with temperature sensors in the fridge and freezer section, this will be activated if the recommended temperature is exceeded. This audible warning signal advises you that the sensors have sensed this temperature rise.

This may be due to the doors being opened for a period of time, or if the thermostat dial is malfunctioning. An experienced appliance engineer will quickly diagnose the fault and provide a solution.

Baumatic fridge freezer not freezing

A poorly performing freezer can be related to a defective thermostat. Or a fault with the door sealings preventing the door from closing properly. Inadequate ventilation around the appliance will also affect the freezers ability to operate properly.

Other culprits can be dirty condenser coils and a faulty evaporator fan – both easily identified and fixed by an appliance repair technician.

Baumatic fridge freezer not working

Checks that need to be carried out for this issue include plugs, power sockets, the mains supply, and fuses that may have blown and tripped the circuit breaker. A qualified repair technician will investigate all of these electrical issues for you.

Other potential causes could be related to the thermostat which may be defective and need repairing or replacing. And clogged coils can also cause poor cooling and affect everyday operation.

Get Your Baumatic Fridge Freezer Repaired

When you need a Baumatic fridge freezer repair in London you’ll get a Master Technician who understands the importance of keeping your appliance in full working order. You can call or book your appointment online, get a quick quote upfront, and be assured that every repair will automatically come with a six-months part and labour guarantee. Your Baumatic fridge freezer problems will soon be a thing of the past!

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