Beko Washing Machine Error Codes And Troubleshooting

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Beko washing machines are available in both freestanding and integrated models, designed to save energy and water, as well as caring for your laundry. Daily Quick programmes can wash a full load in just 28 minutes, and innovative steam settings reduce creases and saves on ironing.

Sometimes problems will occur, no matter how high-quality an appliance is. This is where the error codes on your display come in – showing you where the fault may lie, even if you need professional help to fix it. See common Beko washing machine error codes and troubleshooting here…

Beko washing machine error codes

The Beko error code system starts at E1 and goes through to E18.

E1 – this means that an NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) problem has been detected in the appliance. It could be an issue with the thermistor, the wiring, or both. The thermistor is essentially a resistor that changes electrical resistance at varying temperatures – if this component is faulty this error code will be triggered.

E2 – a problem with the heater will cause this error code to display, and will usually be an issue with the heater resulting in the water not heating properly. Wiring will need to be checked and that’s best left to a qualified engineer.

E3 – another heater-related concern here which can cause a constant stream of heat, typically due to a faulty relay. The control board will need to be examined to fix this and generally requires an experienced repair technician to carry out any work.

E4 – any potential problems here are caused by the washing machine being unable to fill up with water. Possible culprits are a defective door mechanism preventing the door from locking securely, the water valve itself, or the wiring to the washing machine.

E5 – washing machine error code E05 signifies a drainage glitch. There are many reasons why this can happen including obstructions in the pump or filter, damaged supply hoses, or more complex issues with the control board.

E6 – problems with the motor will trigger this error code, alongside an unsteady appliance during a wash cycle. The washing machine may miss or jump cycles, and often go straight to spin. You’ll need an expert to diagnose the fault which could also be related to the wiring or the control board.

E7 – the level sensor is possibly the problem here with the appliance emptying the water at the start of the programme or not starting at all. A trained technician will quickly identify the fault.

E8 – Beko washing machine error code E08 is linked to the appliance not filling with water. This could be caused by a defective water valve, faulty antiflooding mechanism, wiring issues, and many other potential component failings.

E9 – issues with the door lock are likely here which could be the lock itself or the electrical components that operate the lock. These can easily be repaired or replaced by a qualified mechanical engineer.

E11 – Beko washing machine error code E11 points to a motor error detection. Repairing or replacing this part is more complicated and needs the intervention of an experienced technician.

E17 – this error code detects an excessive amount of foam in the washing machine, which often happens if the appliance is overloaded with detergent, or the detergent is of poor quality. Emptying the washing machine and running successive rinse washes may cure this problem.

E18 – the last error code in the sequence indicates an unbalanced washing load, which can also stop the washing machine from spinning. Stopping the cycle and re-loading the laundry evenly may fix this issue successfully.

If you need help fixing any of the above shortcomings simply contact Beko domestic appliance repair specialists . You’ll get high-quality repairs for any Beko washing machine model – and a six-month part and labour guarantee.

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