Bosch Convection Oven Troubleshooting

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Bosch convection ovens come in a range of styles and sizes designed with innovative features to help you create the food you love. This type of oven has fans to circulate air around the food – making cooking faster and more efficient.

Steam convection options retain more flavour and nutrients – and steel touch control panels are easy to use. Yet, even with the most modern technology, you can sometimes experience problems. Look at Bosch convection oven troubleshooting here…

Commonplace Bosch Convection Oven Issues


Parts of the oven that affect the temperature include the baking element not working properly. Or the broil elements malfunctioning. The oven sensor and control board can also experience faults allowing the temperature to be below or above the setting.

The broiling element is found at the top of the oven. Again, when working effectively it should glow red. If it doesn’t it will certainly be causing problems with the oven temperature.

When the oven sensor is experiencing difficulties, the temperature will also be affected. You could use an ohmmeter to check the resistance – as the temperature rises the reading should also increase. A problematic sensor will only show low-level readings.

If the oven control board is defective it won’t be able to send the correct voltage through to both the baking and boiling elements. A delay in the relays will cause oven temperature issues.

All of these above problems can be diagnosed and fixed by an appliance repair technician.

Oven Error Codes

Fault codes displayed on your oven will help you to determine the nature of the fault but you may still need to call in a repair specialist. For example:

Bosch oven error code C12

If your oven displays this code is an indication that the lower oven has a temperature sensor failure and needs investigating.

Bosch oven error code E011

When your Bosch oven keeps showing E011 error code this indicates a button has been held down for too long. Or has jammed. If the main oven performs perfectly on its own but Bosch oven error code E011 is displayed when the grill door is open and the grill is switched on this points to the main oven control failing. And you’ll need to obtain a new control board.

Other Warning Signs

If the display is flashing and beeping continuously this relates to thermostats or elements burning out. When the fan isn’t working properly cooking times will increase – make sure that the vent on the base of the oven isn’t covered at all as this will cause condensation issues and your food will become soggy.

Occasionally the pre-heating setting will fail to work and this is due to the temperature not reaching the required setting. The lock on the panel is a safety feature preventing children from opening the oven door – if this is stuck on the oven may not function properly.

A broken safety latch or hinge will stop the oven door from closing properly, resulting in the oven not heating adequately. And the oven may turn off completely if the main door is continually opened to check on cooking times.

Your Bosch convection oven owner’s manual will give you a comprehensive guide on troubleshooting.

Bosch Oven Repairs Specialists

When you need your oven repairing quickly and efficiently simply call in the experts. With years of experience in appliance repair, you’ll get engineers trained to solve and fix your issues. You’ll be able to make a convenient booking. Without any call-out charges. And get a six-month repair guarantee.

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