Bosch Dishwasher Problems

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Bosch dishwashers come in a whole range of sizes and styles. And offer energy-saving ways to keep your dishes and utensils spotlessly clean. With all the latest features and technologies, you’ll get flexibility, quietness, and affordability. However, on occasion, things do go wrong. See a few common Bosch dishwasher problems here…

Not Cleaning Issues

The causes of your Bosch dishwasher not cleaning are many and include:
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    • Circulation Pump

The use of a motor and impeller to force water up through the wash arms will affect the cleanliness of the load if the pump is defective. This may be quite difficult to replace.

    • Arm Wash Assemblies

If the water can’t flow properly through the arms the dishes in the lower or upper section of the dishwasher won’t be cleaned. Wash arms get blocked with food residues and need cleaning regularly. Or will have to be replaced if they’re completely clogged.

    • Water Inlet Valve

If this is blocked or faulty the dishwasher won’t get enough water to clean the dishes properly. And trying to clean the valve may make the problem worse. You may be better simply replacing it.

Control Panel Lights

Bosch dishwasher lights flashing can be due to several things. These include:

    • Heating Element and Assembly

If the water doesn’t reach the correct temperature within a certain time the light on the control panel may start to flash This indicates the heating element isn’t working properly. Or the heating element assembly is at fault. A multimeter can be used to test for continuity. And replacement parts fitted.

    • Drain Pump

If the drain pump isn’t forcing the water through the drain hose as it should a flashing light may appear on the control panel. If the drain pump is defective after testing with a multimeter it will have to be replaced as they’re not repairable.

    • Fault Codes

If the flashing lights are accompanied by an error code, you’ll need to take a look at your manufacturer’s guide to determine what is causing the fault.

    • Control Panel and Touchpad

If the buttons on the control panel are not responding and simply flashing the control panel itself may be at fault. Or it could be due to a defective touchpad. If you can’t replace the touchpad by itself, you’ll have to exchange both.


If your Bosch dishwasher is leaking there are a few common reasons why:
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    • Float Switch

This switch shuts off the water fill valve when the water level gets too high. And the timed cycle fill has ended. If this part is faulty the water will overflow causing the dishwasher to leak.

    • Door Gasket

The opening of the tub and the outer edge of the door is sealed with a gasket. As it’s made from soft rubber it can perish or even break. If this happens it will need to be repaired or replaced to prevent future leaks.

    • Spray Arms

Plastic spray arms can become damaged or break. And metal arms can bend or come apart at the seams. Both these issues can cause interference to the spray pattern and cause leaking. Blocked arms can be cleaned but broken ones will need replacing.

    • Water Inlet Valve and Hoses

Water is supplied to the dishwasher by a water inlet valve. Loose connections to the hose will cause a leak. As will a cracked or damaged hose. Inspect for defects and replace as necessary.

  • Pump

Leaks can also be caused by the dishwasher pump not working properly. The rubber gasket surrounding the pump can wear, stretch, or dry out. This will need to be checked if you detect a leak from underneath the dishwasher.

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Can’t Fix the Problem?

Trusted repair appliance specialists will quickly diagnose and resolve the issue. And your repair will be carried out by a highly trained local expert. And will come with a six-month comprehensive guarantee.

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