Bosch Fridge Freezer Problems And Troubleshooting

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A Bosch Exxcel fridge freezer will provide you with super freeze functions, electronic control, LED temperature readout, and auto defrost function in the fridge. On top of this, you’ll get a multi-airflow system and anti-bacterial protection.

When you experience Bosch Exxcel fridge freezer problems you need to determine exactly why the appliance isn’t working properly. By looking at a list of common symptoms you may be able to identify the cause of the issue even if you can’t fix it yourself. See a range of Bosch fridge freezer problems and troubleshooting here…

Frost-free fridge icing up

One of the most common causes of ice build-up is a faulty door seal. This allows the outside air to pass into the fridge resulting in an accumulation of ice. Loose door hinges are another possible factor – letting outside air into the fridge compartment.

If your appliance is close to the wall problems may occur with the compressor not having enough room to distribute heat. And blocked vents can cause circulation difficulties that can lead to the fridge icing up.

Bosch fridge not working but freezer is

When the freezer is cold and the fridge warm this can relate to the evaporator coils being frozen over. The defrost heater may be defective and this will cause frost to build up on the coils, restricting the airflow resulting in the fridge not cooling.

Other components that can affect the operation of the fridge if they aren’t functioning properly are the evaporator fan motor, the damper control assembly, the thermistor, and the temperature control board. Heating elements and safety cut out features should also be taken into consideration when sourcing the fault.

All of these parts can be tested by a trained technician and repaired or replaced.

Further Bosch Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting Guide:

  • Bosch built-in fridge freezer NoFrost problems
  • Bosch has a range of frost-free built-in freezers to suit every size of kitchen. The NoFrost freezer has electronic temperature control to set the temperature precisely. If this fails the fridge won’t go into the defrost cycle.

    The defrost control board determines how often the defrost cycle will run. If the defrost heater and thermostat are working correctly it’s likely that the board is defective.

    Other defrost issues can point to a timer that doesn’t advance, a faulty defrost heater assembly that allows frost to accumulate on the evaporator coils, the defrost sensor that monitors the temperature of the evaporator, or the main control board. All of these issues can be corrected by a fridge freezer repair expert.

  • Bosch fridge freezer not working
  • Common problems that cause the fridge freezer not to work are the start relay that provides power to the compressor. And the compressor itself. When the freezer start relay is defective the compressor may not run – resulting in the freezer not cooling. The run capacitor may also be at fault.

    The compressor is the motor which reduces the refrigerant and circulates it through the evaporator and condenser coils. If the circuit becomes open the compressor may be defective. When the compressor fails to run you may hear a clicking noise every few minutes – this is the overload sensor cutting out due to a fault within the compressor or the starter relay.

    A qualified technician will test the parts with a multimeter and determine whether they need to be replaced.

Comprehensive Repair Services

A team of Bosch fridge freezer repair London experts are waiting to help solve your Bosch fridge freezer problems. Master technicians will have the knowledge and the skills to diagnose any issues and fix them for you. And you’ll get a high-quality repair that comes with a parts and labour guarantee that lasts for six months.

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