Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

When your Bosch washing machine is experiencing problems different error codes will be displayed. This will be a series of numbers and/or letters, or a sequence of LED lights depending on the model of your appliance.

A digital display will show an error code numerically whilst LED lights will present in a series to indicate the fault.

See some digital Bosch washing machine error codes explained below…

Bosch washing machine error codes

Look at a range of Bosch error codes here. There are many others that aren’t detailed, but you can easily refer to the manufacturer’s manual for a comprehensive guide:

Bosch washing machine error code E09/F09 indicates problems with the heating element. The main causes of this fault can be related to water leakage which can get into the sump where the heater and motor are located. Slow circulation of water due to a blocked filter can lead to overheating, and issues with the wiring or thermal sensor can eventually cause the control module to fail.

Washing machine code E16/F16 points to a door interlock problem relating to the door locking mechanism. A door that won’t shut properly or a failing interlock will result in the appliance not starting. A replacement door interlock will need the front lip of the door seal to be removed, followed by the band clamp, and a new door interlock fitted.

E17 or F17 shows that the water supply time has been exceeded – meaning the washing machine can’t fill with water. This could be due to a defective water inlet valve, taps accidentally turned off, or the water pressure is too low.

Inlet hoses can become trapped or damaged, and inlet filters can get clogged with dirt and debris. If you can’t confidently fix any of these component issues simply get in touch with your local appliance repair experts.

Bosch washing machine error code E18, Bosch washing machine error 18, or error code F18 signifies that the pump time has been exceeded. This basically means that your appliance has detected a blockage in the filter, or a kink in the cold-water inlet hose. This results in the washing machine either not starting at all, or being unable to continue a wash cycle.

This error message could also be prompted by a pump obstruction, leakage, or power issues. The drain pump will need to be cleaned and checked that its watertight before a pumping programme can be started.

Washing machine error code E19/F19 is a fault that’s connected to exceeding of the heating time. This heating problem can happen for several reasons and components that need to be checked include the heating element for operability, the temperature sensor, and the power supply voltage. This can all be carried out safely by a qualified appliance engineer.

Error code E21/F21 denotes a malfunction of the engine which could be resulting from uneven rotation or a complete lack of rotation. The driving triac and the motor relay may also be at fault requiring the expertise of a trained appliance repair technician.

When error codes E23/F23 are displayed this indicates a problem with the activation of the Aquastop. This anti-flood system, when not working properly, will cause water to collect in the base of the appliance, and if not attended to may result in an actual flood.

The washing machine will need to be disconnected and drained immediately to prevent any further water damage. An experienced engineer will quickly diagnose and solve this issue for you.

The final error code looked at within this guide is E26/F26. This is a fault related to the analogue pressure sensor. This sensor identifies how much water is in the machine and communicates with the control board to confirm that the appliance has been emptied or filled. When this is defective, you’ll need the assistance of a qualified engineer.

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