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Bosh washing machines are made to last for incredible periods of time. Yet, all appliances and technology fail from time to time. You certainly don’t have to purchase a new washing machine when you see an error code on your Bosch washing machine display panel. In fact, there’s no need to panic. What you should do is consider browsing through our guide to some of the most common Bosch washing machine errors and faults so that you can diagnose the issue quickly and reach an appropriate solution. In some cases, you’ll be able to troubleshoot the problem by yourself and quite easily. Meanwhile, in other cases, you may need to have a professional take a look at it. So, if you want more information about Bosch washing machine programs explained, take a look below.

New and old Bosch washing machine symbols and error codes

Here are some of the most common Bosch washing machine error codes you might encounter and what you can do about them. 


  • E0

The Bosch washing machine error 0 displays the end of a wash cycle. However, if your machine is in key lock mode, the machine will become stuck at the end of cycle phase and will not enable you to open the door or operate the machine until the key lock is disabled. In order to disable the key lock, press and hold the delay timer button for five seconds.


  • E6, E18, E25, E26, E30, E36 or E80

These error codes indicate that there is a problem with the water drain, which could be caused by the drain pump or by the drain. To resolve this, you should first clean the drain pump filter. Second, ensure that the washing machine hose isn’t over one metre above the washing machine as this will mean that the appliance will have to work harder to pump the water upwards. You should also check the drain hose for kinks or blockages. These can be solved by straightening the hose and flushing.


  • E10

This error code appears in the i-DOS system or the automatic dosing system. It indicates that the washing machine has directly disabled the i-DOS system. You need to call an experienced technician to resolve this issue. 


  • E16 or F16

This error code indicates that there is something blocking the unit’s door. Open the door and remove the laundry. Push the door closed firmly and restart the washing cycle.


  • E11, E12, E17, F17, E29 or F29

This indicates a problem with the water supply. Manually open the supply and determine whether you can fill a bucket in one minute. Next, check whether the filter in the water supply hose is clean. Then reduce the water pressure in the hose and close the water supply. Select a random programme cycle. Press the start button and wait for the drum to spin for around one minute. Stop the cycle manually and remove the power cord from the socket. You should then remove the hose from the water supply and clean the filter with a brush. After this, you need to reconnect the hose in order for the water supply issue to be resolved. 


  • E23, F23 or E35

This is an indication that your appliance has detected water on the base plate, which means signs of a leakage. In order to prevent a larger leak from occurring, close the water supply and disconnect the unit from the power source. It’s highly recommended that you contact a pro to help resolve this issue. 


  • E32 or E60

Although this is not an error or a fault in the true sense, it does mean that the washing machine unit has interrupted the wash cycle owing to an imbalance in the drum. This is because the laundry is not distributed evenly within the unit. You should consider spreading out the laundry evenly in the drum, alternating between smaller and larger items of clothing. Start a spinning cycle.


  • Error E21 or F21

This indicates a motor error. Switch off the unit and turn it back on after three minutes, giving the washing machine a small rest.


  • E18

A Bosch washing machine error code E18 appears when the unit has detected a blockage in the pump. Alternatively, it could signal a blockage or kink in the cold water inlet hose. To resolve this issue, clean the filters in the water supply hose. You should exercise extreme caution because the water that leaks out of the hose may be very hot and you risk getting scalded. Switch off the unit and disconnect the washing machine from the power plug. Check for kinks in the drainage hose and if you see any, you need to loosen the hose clip and carefully remove the drainage hose and any residual water. After cleaning the hose, hold it over a bucket and select the “Drain” programme. When done, reconnect the hose back to the hose clip and check for leaks. 


  • E35

Signalling a leak, you need to turn off the unit and close the water supply completely. In this case, it is highly advisable that you contact a professional to troubleshoot the problem. 


  • E36

When you see Bosch washing machine error codes E36, this signals that there is a problem with the water drain of the unit. This could be a result of a blockage in the drain tube, hose or pump. Ensure that the hose has no bends. Next, gently remove the hose, check if something is stuck inside it and clean it. For the drain pump, you may need a qualified technician to take a look. 


  • H32

An H32 error code signals that the drum isn’t balanced, and as a result, the appliance will stop spinning owing to too much shaking. Simply distribute the laundry in the drum more evenly. Do this after pausing the cycle and waiting until the door unlocks. Then, continue with the wash cycle. 


  • H95

If you see an H95 error code, this means that there’s no water during the drying phase. Although it may sound counterintuitive, this water is needed to rinse the condenser. To resolve this issue, clean the filter in the supply hose. To do so, you should close the water supply completely and gently remove the supply hose from the unit. Next, clean the filter at the end of the hose with a brush. When done, place the hose back and open the water supply.


  • Other error codes: E5, E10, E36, F48, F74, E81 and E3080

If you see any of the codes mentioned above on your Bosch washing machine display, you first need to reset your washing machine. If this doesn’t work, it’s advisable that you call in a professional. 


Closing remarks

With these error code guidelines, you’re now well on your way to resolving the Bosch washing machine problems you are experiencing. However, in some cases, you won’t be able to address the problem on your own and you’ll need a qualified professional to help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at MIX Repairs for a quality and guaranteed bosch washing machine repair service that you can trust and which gives you peace of mind.

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