Candy Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

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The Candy CDI 1012 fully integrated dishwasher has 12 place settings, five programmes, and four temperature washes. With A ratings for energy, wash, and drying efficiency it’s an extremely popular family appliance choice.

Need to know what action to take when things go wrong? See a range of Candy dishwasher problems and troubleshooting here…

Candy dishwasher error codes

Candy dishwasher fault codes will help you diagnose a problem with your appliance – even if you need a professional to fix it for you. Common Candy dishwasher problems and relevant codes are listed below:

E1 – Water fill time out

When your dishwasher has failed to fill with water this error code will display. The water supply, inlet valve, or connections to the water inlet valve could be at fault here.

E2 – Water drain time out

This typically means that your dishwasher hasn’t been able to drain water within a reasonable time. Components that can cause this issue include the drain, waste hose, drain pump or plumbing.

E3 – Water heating fault

When your dishwasher won’t heat the water, this could be due to a defective water heating element, or the wiring to the main control module.

E4 – Water leak

When your dishwasher has detected a leak the anti-flood device will automatically be activated. The wiring to this part will need to be checked if there’s no sign of leakage. Otherwise, blocked filters and drain hoses could result in this issue.

E5/E6– Electronic temperature control fault

This means that your dishwasher has detected an open circuit error with the temperature sensor – possibly the wiring to the sensor or the control module. The temperature sensor itself may be malfunctioning.

E7 – Short circuit error

Your dishwasher has sensed a short circuit error with the temperature sensor or the main control board. Wiring issues are typically the problem here.

If the water hea

E8 – Water heating element or filter plate issues

ting element is defective or the filter plate obstructed this error code will show.

Bear in mind codes may differ slightly depending on your model.

Candy CDI 1012 dishwasher problems

Candy CDI 1012 problems can include:

Poor wash results

This could be related to the spray arms – if they’re not rotating freely this will affect the cleanliness of the wash. Food items can become lodged within the spray arm jet holes, or the spray arms themselves may be in need of attention.

Dishwasher smells

Water may be coming back into your appliance from the sink outlet, and the pipe may need to be expertly re-routed. This will ensure the water discharged from the sink will go down into the drainage system rather than into the dishwasher.

The internal pipework of your dishwasher and the spray arms can also get coated with food deposits and hard water salts resulting in an unpleasant odour. Running your machine through a long hot programme using a dishwasher cleaner may prevent this from happening.

Water is being continually discharged

This requires a plumbing check as the problem is generally caused by the outlet pipe being positioned at a level that’s too low. This pipe should be at least 40cm above floor level.

Dishwasher is making knocking sounds

If the spray arms bang against the tableware or cutlery when rotating this will result in a knocking noise from the cabinet. The upper basket may need to be raised to avoid this.

A noisy dishwasher can also result from a loose or worn wash are seal or bearing ring, causing the spray arm to malfunction.

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