Candy Washing Machine Problems And Troubleshooting

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When your Candy washing machine is experiencing operating issues there are possible scenarios that will happen. If you know what parts are causing these difficulties you may understand what needs to be done – even if you need an appliance repair technician to fix it for you!

Look at a range of Candy washing machine problems and troubleshooting here…

Candy washing machine problems

Candy washing machine won’t start

This could be caused by no electricity going to the machine which indicates a potential problem with the power supply. Sockets, switches, and fuses will also need to be safely checked – best left to a qualified engineer.

Another reason for this issue is problems with the washing machine door. If it won’t lock securely your appliance simply won’t start. If your washing machine can’t fill with water this will also prevent your washing machine from working, and inlet valves and hoses will need to be investigated.

Candy washing machine won’t drain

If this happens there may be a blockage in the drain hose, or the drain hose may have been incorrectly installed. If the outlet pipe is plumbed into the sink there may be an obstruction at the connector.

Candy washing machine filter problems can also result in your washing machine not draining as foreign bodies or lint can obstruct water exit. Any of these issues can be quickly rectified by a trained technician.

Candy washing machine won’t spin

This can often happen if there is an unbalanced load and may be accompanied by additional noise and vibration. Redistribution of your laundry will be needed to sort this problem.

If water is left in the drum after the wash cycle this will also affect the spin, and draining issues are explained above.

Candy washing machine fills with water then empties

This is a problem typically associated with incorrect plumbing. Drain hose installations need to comply with certain measurements, and you’ll need an experienced engineer to check that your appliance has been properly installed.

Candy washing machine door won’t open

If the wash cycle has finished but the door light is still on you may have to wait two minutes for the programme to completely end and the light to go out. This will then allow you to open the door. If the door remains locked your washing machine may need to be reset.

If water stays in the drum following completion of the wash cycle this will also prevent the door from opening. Refer to the “won’t drain” section for more details.

Candy washing machine leaking

There are several components that can cause this issue if they’re defective. They include rubber washers on the fill hose, a blocked drain, a door seal that has worn or split, or a filter cover that’s not fitted correctly.

Candy Grando washing machine problems

There’s an entire range of Candy Grando washing machine fault codes that offer an indication of where the problem lies, but aren’t a substitute for diagnostic skills. See a small sample of error codes and their meaning below:

  • E0 – indicates a defective control model programme
  • E1 – is a door safety lock error
  • E2 –not filling in the time allowed
  • E3 – not draining in the allowed time
  • E4 – anti-flood contacts activated
  • E5 – temperature sensor fault
  • E6 – defective electronic controller
  • E8 – motor tacho fault
  • E9 – short circuit on the electronic module
  • E12 – communication error between electronic control boards and wiring
  • E14 – water heating error detected
  • E15 – defective control module
  • E16 – water heating element failure
  • E18 – incorrect electrical input frequency

Error codes that display and aren’t listed here can be identified from your manufacturer’s operating manual. You may need a professional to technically diagnose and fix the problem if your washing machine isn’t working as it should.

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