CDA Oven Issues And Troubleshooting

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Whatever your cooking style CDA offers single and double ovens that have been specifically developed to suit your needs – all fitted with the latest initiative cooking technology and tested to last.

There are so many features and functions to choose from including different cooking settings, auto cook programmes, and self-cleaning options. So, what happens when performance isn’t as it should be? See a range of CDA oven issues and troubleshooting here…

CDA Oven Troubleshooting

CDA oven problems can include:

CDA oven not turning on

When the oven won’t work at all this is normally due to an electrical fault. Initial checks will need to be carried out on the thermal fuse and socket, followed by the power switch and the power supply. To determine if the electrical outlet is providing sufficient voltage a multimeter will be needed to test the incoming power at the wall socket.

The temperature sensor regulates the temperature within the oven so if this component develops a weakness the oven might refuse to turn on. Faulty wiring is also a familiar fault, and more general electrical failures can involve the oven control board. Any electrical issues should be referred to a qualified technician who will safely carry out checks and any necessary repairs.

CDA oven fan problems

An oven not heating properly is a really common problem. When the oven is switched on the fan distributes the heat generated by the heating element. A fault in the fan can prevent the oven from heating effectively.

If the fan is working and the oven thermostat light is on but the oven is blowing cold air then the fault could lie with the fan element. If damage to the element isn’t visible it could still be broken inside the element casing.

A faulty fan motor could also be the issue, particularly if the fan is noisy or is working more slowly than normal. A blade may have become loose, or the fan could be obstructed by food remnants and grease from cooking.

If both the fan and the heating aren’t working the oven may be set in automatic mode and the oven will need to be reset to manual mode. If just the fan appears defective and there’s no oven light this could be a problem with the oven thermostat.

All of these issues can be quickly identified and repaired by a trained and qualified technician.

When the oven is turned off and the cooling fan keeps going this isn’t a fault – it’s the oven working to bring the interior down to a safe temperature as quickly as possible. The higher the temperature used for cooking the longer the fan will run for to allow ambient air to cool the appliance.

Fault Codes

Fault codes or CDA oven error codes are an indication of where a problem may lie. The error code comes up when the oven has detected the nature of the fault but doesn’t pinpoint the actual failure that has caused the alarm. See a sample of CDA error codes below:

  • F01 – a temperature sensor error has been detected
  • F02 – the oven has overheated
  • F04 – the door interlock has developed a fault
  • F05 – other cooking faults
  • F10 – there has been a power cut during cooking and this is information only
  • AUTO – this auto stop function will automatically switch the oven off if it’s in continuous use for more than 23 hours and 30 minutes

Get Hassle-Free Oven Repairs

CDA oven repairs can be easily booked online. You’ll get a comprehensive service delivered by highly trained and fully qualified engineers. You can even get a quick quote before your service begins. And all repairs come with a six months parts and labour guarantee.

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