CDA Washing Machine Fault Codes And Troubleshooting

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Fault and error codes are used as a diagnostic aid and although may indicate where problems lie, they don’t usually point to the actual component that’s faulty. You may need a professional to identify that for you!

However, error codes can help you diagnose a problem with your appliance – even if you can’t fix it yourself. 

CDA washing machine fault codes

Depending on the model of your CDA washing machine error codes include:


CDA washing machine fault code C03 indicates that your washing machine is unable to spin dry. It could be due to an uneven distribution of the laundry in the drum but if the problem persists, you’ll need to arrange an engineer visit.


Your washing machine is experiencing difficulties in taking in water which could be the result of a cut in the water supply, a tap issue, or a blocked water inlet filter.


CDA washing machine error code F02 points to issues with your washing machine draining. This may be caused by a blocked drain pump, obstructed pipes, or a faulty pump electrical connection.


CDA washing machine fault code F07 is typically a motor error and will need to be inspected by a qualified engineer.

If the fault code displaying is different to the ones listed above your best option is to consult your manufacturer’s manual. Other indications appearing on the display suggest you should call in an experienced engineer.

CDA washing machine troubleshooting

The washing machine won’t start

Probable causes for your washing machine not starting include electrical faults. This could be with the power socket, the plug, or the incoming power supply. Another issue that prevents the washing machine from operating is the door – if it won’t close securely the washing machine won’t start. If the start button hasn’t been pressed this is another reason. If it’s been pressed and there’s no response there may be a problem with the button itself.

Washing machine won’t fill

If your washing machine won’t fill with water this may relate to the water pressure being too low. Otherwise, there could be a water tap turned off, or a defective water inlet valve. The inlet hose could be kinked or damaged, or the inlet hose filter obstructed. A water supply failure or the door not closing securely will also result in this problem.

Washing machine won’t drain

When your washing machine’s experiencing problems with drainage this could be caused by a pump filter being blocked. Alternatively, the drain hose may have become obstructed or kinked.

Also, if the drain hose isn’t installed at the correct height of 80-100cm this will prevent the washing machine from draining and will need to be re-installed. This can sometimes cause the washing machine to drain at the same time that’s it’s trying to fill as the drain hose is in the water.

Washing machine stops before completing a cycle

This is typically a water or electricity failure, and both power and water supplies will need checking. This should ideally be carried out by a trained appliance repair technician so that any problems can be identified and resolved.

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