Choosing the Right Washing Machine for You

The front panel of washing machine

There’s so much choice when it comes to washing machines that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. One way to take control is to start by defining what you need, and then think about what you’d like. This way you can avoid being seduced by clever features which cost extra but which you’ll never use.

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Early Decisions

Top loader or front

– Front loaders tend to be more energy efficient and quieter too. Reasons for favoring a top loader include needing to fit your washing machine into a very narrow room or wanting an exceptionally large drum capacity. Some large commercial top loaders can accept up to 10 kg.


– If you need to fit your new appliance into space where the old one went, be sure to measure carefully first. This is especially important if you’re buying online and won’t see the machine until it’s delivered to your doorstep.

Drum capacity

– Buy an appliance that’s larger than you need as a sole householder and you could face a choice between wasting water and detergent every time you do the laundry or running out of clothes before you have a full load. On the other hand, in a busy family household, you need a larger capacity or you’ll spend all your time taking things in and out of the machine.

When space is at a premium

– Consider a washer-dryer. Washing performance tends to be similar to a conventional machine but the dryer is usually less efficient. The cycle is generally longer for both. Washer-dryers are a good solution for sole householders living in small flats, but not great for larger families.

Once you’ve defined the type of machine you need, the physical size, and drum capacity, you’ll know what’s suitable for you. Now it’s time to think about the refinements that make one appliance more desirable than another.

Narrowing the Field

Efficiency rating

– Both in terms of water usage and energy consumption it really does make sense the by the most efficient washing machine your budget will stretch too. Whatever extra this costs at the outset will be more than recouped over the lifetime of your appliance.

Guarantee period

– A better quality machine with an extended warranty period could save you in the long term. Purchasing extended warranties, on the other hand, is rarely a good buy.. It’s much better to put that money to one side and use it to pay for any washing machine repairs you need when you need them. If your old machine should prove to be irreparable you’ll still have a pot of cash to put towards an upgrade.

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Every washing machine will be able to deal with hot and cool washes and these days most will have a quick wash cycle, useful when you want to refresh lightly soiled clothing and don’t have to worry about heavy stains. Beyond these basics, there are all sorts of refinements. Which are useful to you will depend on your lifestyle and clothing choices. Some popular features include:

Economy options

– These often work by reducing the water temperature but extending the length of the wash. Useful in reducing your utility bills is more important to you than the time it takes to run the machine.

Hand wash setting

– A cycle where the agitation of both wash and spin cycles is reduced. A must-have feature if your wardrobe feature a lot of delicate fibres but your lifestyle or personal inclination makes hand washing undesirable.

Extra rinsing

– Increasing the number of rinses can be helpful in households where there are people who’re sensitive or allergic to detergents.

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