Common Fridge Mistakes You Could Be Making

Food inside the freezer

Fridges are really important when it comes to storing food safely avoiding potential health risks. Wasting less food is important, running the fridge efficiently to keep energy costs down, and making the most of fridge space are all priorities when it comes to being fridge savvy! See what common fridge mistakes you could be making and how to make simple changes…

The most common fridge mistakes by Mix Repairs London

Incorrect temperature setting

If you set your fridge temperature too low it can cause it to cycle far too frequently – making your electricity bill rise and extra wear and tear on the appliance. Look at the dial to make sure it shows between 3-5◦C which is the optimum temperature for food freshness. An extra thermometer will confirm you’ve got the right temperature.


Putting food items in the wrong place

When you pack your fridge properly food will actually last for up to three times longer. Butter and soft cheeses should go in the fridge door as they don’t need to be in the coldest part. Eggs do well on the middle shelf which has a more constant temperature, and keep fish and meat at the bottom. Vegetables should go in the crisper drawers – designed to keep them fresh for longer. Make sure uncooked meat and seafood is kept on the lowest shelf so it doesn’t drip onto other foods.

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Not sealing food properly

If you’re using storage containers make sure you fil them almost to the top. With grip-top bags, cling film, or foil, get rid of any excess air by smoothing around the food before you place in the fridge. Glass storage containers are a great alternative solution to plastic ones, and are also eco-friendly. You need to keep raw meat, poultry, and fish away from other foods to stop any contamination.

Refrigerating hot food

If you put hot food directly into the fried it can affect the appliance as well as the food. The hot dish will cause the motor to work harder to cool the fridge down, and the fluctuation in temperature can potentially make your food unsafe to eat. Leave any leftovers to cool to room temperature before putting them in the fridge.

Leaving the door open

Forgetting to shut the door or not closing it properly can cause the motor to work harder – this’ll cause unnecessary wear and tear as well as increasing your energy bill. Double check to make sure that the rubber seals are keeping the door closed – the magnetized surrounds will offer resistance when you try to open the door.

Not cleaning thoroughly

It’s very important to regularly clean the shelves, walls, and fridge drawers on a regular basis, and do a deep clean every month. This will prevent any unpleasant odours and kill any bacteria that may be present from gone-off food. You can use a mixture of water and bleach, or recommended branded products. Cleaning underneath the fridge will remove any dust and grime which could affect the workings.

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You can clean the condenser coils by unplugging the unit and taking off the grate – coil cleaning brushes can be bought from your local hardware store, or you could use the crevice tool on the vacuum cleaner. Clean coils help the fridge operate more effectively and save on electricity.

Fridge repairs

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