Common Samsung Fridge Freezer Problems

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Samsung fridge freezers are renowned for reliable performance. And stylish design. With modern technology, you’ll be offered Cool Select Duo and SpaceMax options. And you’ll be able to choose from Multi-Door to American style models.

However, even the most modern appliance can have issues. If you find your food is spoiling or your fridge freezer is making noises you may need help. See common Samsung fridge freezer problems here…

Temperature Setting Snags

Samsung fridge freezer temperature display wrong? If the main compartment in your fridge is too warm or too cold your food will suffer. Re-adjust the dial to the setting advised in your manual. The food compartment temperature should be between 0 to 5 degrees Celsius. And the freezer should read -17 to -15 degrees Celsius.

If this fails there may be an issue with the compressor and condenser coils. If they’re dirty the fridge freezer won’t work efficiently. Faulty temperature control may also be the culprit. And may need to be replaced. The temperature switch might not be working properly. Or the seals along the door may be gapping and letting warm air in. switches and seals can easily be replaced.

Fan Motor Faults


Samsung refrigerator fan motor not running? The evaporator fan motor draws cold air over the coils and circulates it around the freezer. If the fan motor doesn’t work properly the appliance won’t cool adequately. You can try carefully turning the blade by hand to see if the motor is defective.

If the motor is making loud noises you may need to replace it. A more serious issue could be with the main board and a burnt resistor. This may need replacing by an expert.

Freezer Coil Complications

Samsung refrigerator coil freezing up? When warm air passes over the cold evaporator coils it condenses. And freezes. If this air is continually leaking into the freezer this will result in the coils quickly icing over. And the defrost cycle won’t be able to keep up.

The most common causes for the freezer coils to be frozen are the:

  • Defrost timer – if this doesn’t turn on the frost will continue to accumulate on the coils
  • Defrost thermostat – if this is defective the heater won’t turn on causing the coils to freeze
  • Defrost heater assembly – coils will frost over of this unit is at fault
  • Door gasket – if this isn’t sealing properly humid air can leak into the freezer

Ice Maker Issues

Samsung fridge not making ice? This could be due to ice build-up issues. Or with the water supply. If this isn’t the case, you’ll need to take a look at the ice maker control. The ice maker uses heat to release the ice. When the motor starts the cycle will then continue.

Problems may lie with the ejector blades, shut-off arm or the fill valve. If the ice maker is receiving power and won’t perform a cycle the module will need to be replaced. A qualified engineer can test and replace this for you.

Miscellaneous Troubles

Other difficulties may be found with:

  • Cycling too often – caused by a build-up of debris within the condenser coils
  • Water leaks – a blocked defrost drain is the most common cause
  • Vibrating noises – generally from loose condenser coils or uneven rollers and feet

Need a Samsung Fridge Freezer Repair?

Make a same-day booking when you urgently need a swift diagnosis. And get a quick and reliable fix. Trusted Samsung appliance repair engineers will have the skills and the equipment to carry out high-quality repairs. And you’ll get a six-month service guarantee. Your Samsung fridge freezer will soon be working again as new.

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