Common Zanussi Washing Machine Problems And How To Troubleshoot Them

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Zanussi washing machine fault finding is made simpler by your appliance displaying an error code when things go wrong. These error codes will give you an idea as to what part is at fault – even if you need professional help to fix it.

Look at common Zanussi washing machine problems and how to troubleshoot them here…

Zanussi washing machine fault codes

When your Zanussi washing machine is experiencing problems the display will show an error code. See a range of codes and their meaning below:

E10, E11: The definition of either of these codes is that your washing machine is unable to fill with water properly. This could be due to a defective water supply valve, or hoses that are obstructed or damaged.

>E13: This indicates a leak in your appliance if your model has a leak detection system. The cause of the leak will need to be expertly diagnosed and fixed.

E20, E21, E23, or E24: When your washing machine can’t drain, error codes will display. Again, this could be due to the drain hose being blocked or kinked, a blockage in the pump, faulty wiring connections to the pump, or Zanussi washing machine filter problems.

E33, E36, E37, or E39: All of these codes have to do with the pressure switch that monitors the amount of water in the drum. This switch or its wiring and connections could be faulty, or the hose and chamber leading to the switch may be blocked.

E35: If the water level in your appliance is too high this could be due to excess foaming or a faulty pressure switch as explained above.

E40, E41, E42, E43, E44, or E45: If the washing machine door isn’t closed securely any one of these error codes will show. Issues could be related to the door switch assembly, the door lock, or defective door seals. Alternatively, this may be an error with the part of the control board that controls the door lock. In all cases, the circuit, wirings, and connections need to be checked by an expert.

E51, E52, E53, or E54: All faults starting with E5 are typically related to a motor fault. Parts of the motor that need specifically checking are the motor brushes, wiring, connections, the motor triac ( which detects spinning speed), and then finally the control board.

E61, E62, E66, or E71: Issues with the heating system in your Zanussi washing machine will prompt one of these codes to display. This could be related to a faulty heating element, defective control panel, errors with the connections to the heating element, or a defective temperature sensor.

E82, E83, E93, E94, E95, E96, or E97: These error codes all point to a programming fault in your washing machine’s control board. Many Zanussi washing machines are configured using a combination of button presses to match your individual appliance, and these faults will need to be addressed by a qualified engineer.

EH0: This code indicates problems with the electrical supply which could be due to a power surge, or a faulty power socket or switch. A blown fuse will cause the circuit breaker to react – any of these issues can be quickly identified and fixed by a trained appliance repair technician.

Got Zanussi washing machine problems?

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