Creda Appliance Fault Codes And Troubleshooting

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Creda began as a group of companies that ultimately became the TI Group – producing microwaves, ovens, tumble dryers, and washing machines. Most Creda appliances these days come under the Hotpoint or Indesit brand, and repairs are relatively easy to carry out at prices that aren’t too expensive.

Creda washing machine problems are indicated by fault or error codes that are purely for diagnostic aids. And basically, give you an idea of where to start looking for the fault even if you can’t fix it yourself. See a range of Creda appliance fault codes and troubleshooting here…

Creda Washer/Dryer Fault Codes

  • 1 – a short circuit has been detected on the electronic module indicating the wiring and electronic controller need to be checked

  • 2 – the motor is jammed or the motor tacho has fallen off and investigation needs to be carried out on the motor connector block, motor carbon brushes, the motor itself, and the tacho connections. Wiring also needs to be checked alongside any objects trapped in the drum

  • 3 – the temperature sensor has been detected as either an open or short circuit and wiring to the temperature sensor and the thermistor will need an inspection

  • 4 – pressure switch jammed on empty indicates a blockage in the pressure switch hose, defective wiring to the level sensor or the pressure switch itself, or a blocked water inlet valve

  • 5 – pressure switch jammed on full could be caused by the water inlet valve being open, a defective pressure switch, blockages in the switch hose, faulty wiring, or over foaming that can trip the switch

  • 6 – an error found in the programme selector management will require the wiring and the electronic board to be checked

  • 7 – heater relay stuck will also need checks to the electronic control board and the wiring

  • 8 – the heater relay can’t be activated due to faulty wiring, tap relays jamming the control board, or the electronic control board itself

  • 9 – Incompatible EEPROM indicating issues with the reflash EEPROM or the electronic controller

  • 10 – pressure switch or level sensor not sensing properly will require confirmation of wiring, harness, level sensor, and electronic control module for effective function

  • 11 – drain pump can’t be activated and checks will need to be done on the filter and drain hose for any obstructions, drain pump wiring, level sensor and switch and other wired components

  • 12 – this error code isn’t used and shouldn’t be displayed

  • 13 – dryer fan doesn’t work indicating issues with the dryer temperature sensor, dryer fan motor, wiring or electronic controller

  • 14 – dryer element is detected as open or short-circuited and wiring and the dryer heater element will need investigating

  • 15 – dryer elements relay on board not working also needs the wiring and electronic controller checking out

Your Troubleshooting Guide

Why is water leaking from the bottom? When your washing machine is leaking from the bottom this can be caused by several reasons and these include:

  • Blocked or damaged hoses
  • Clogged or defective drain pump
  • Faulty inlet valve
  • Loose connections
  • Hole in the water pump

If your washing machine is leaking from bottom left this indicates a possible issue with the appliance not being level, an uneven load which needs to be rebalanced, or any of the issues listed above.

A washing machine leaking from the bottom right can also be due to an uneven surface which causes the appliance to rock back and forth causing a leak. Noting the location of the leak will help to determine the cause.

A front-load washing machine leaking from bottom could be caused by the seams of the outer drum leaking. The outer drum is made in two halves and bolted together – when seams leak, they’ll need to be repaired or replaced.

Get Help with A Leaking Washing Machine

Contact your local team of fully qualified and highly trained engineers for quality repairs at affordable prices that come with a six-months parts and labour guarantee.

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