Creda Tumble Dryer Problems And Troubleshooting

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If your Creda tumble dryer isn’t working as it should you need to carry out a search to find out what parts are failing even if you can’t fix them without professional help.

Here’s a range of Creda tumble dryer problems and troubleshooting…

Creda tumble dryer problems

Creda tumble dryer won’t start

Initial checks will need to be made to the power supply. Following this, the power sockets, switches, and wiring will all need to be tested. If the fuse has blown and tripped the circuit breaker this could be a more complex issue that needs expert attention.

Settings can also prevent your dryer from starting. The timer control can have a bearing on the dryers ability to start, as can a defective start button. If the door isn’t closed securely this will also be an issue. Safety features will stop the dryer from operating if the door won’t shut and this problem could be caused by a faulty door switch or latch assembly and may need to be repaired or replaced.

Creda tumble dryer not heating

When your Creda tumble dryer has no heat this could mean that the fuse has tripped or that the thermal overload has cut out. These safety features both prevent your appliance from overheating and it will need an electrical engineer to resolve any problem for you.

Other causes could be related to the heating element which can be defective or have burned out, a faulty thermostat that may need replacing, or an exhaust vent that has become obstructed. If the tumble dryer door is opened during the drying cycle this can cause the fan to stop circulating and increase the risk of failure of the thermostat.

Creda tumble dryer not spinning

The components that commonly cause your tumble dryer not to spin are the drum, the drive belt, and the motor. If the drum seizes this can be due to a malfunctioning drum support shaft or wearing of the rear bearings.

The drive belt can become stretched and loose with age and a worn pulley can cause the drive belt to actually come away. This will result in the drive belt having to be replaced.

If you hear a low humming noise and the drum isn’t turning this points to an issue with the motor which will need to be expertly tested and repair or replaced.

Creda tumble dryer squeaking

Squeaking noises can be caused by the idler pulley which may not be working properly. This part puts tension on the drum belt to keep it from slipping when your dryer is spinning. A build-up of friction can cause the pulley to wear out and make a squeaking sound.

Other causes may include the drum rollers which can wear and squeak, worn rear drum mount bearings, or defective drive motor bearings.

Creda tumble dryer taking longer than normal to dry

The chosen settings can affect the time that your dryer takes to complete the drying cycle, as this can vary according to spin speeds, load sizes, and the fabrics being dried.

Other components that may need looking at include the filter that may have become blocked, the water container that needs to be emptied, or the condenser unit that should be cleaned on a regular basis. Bear in mind that if the rear vents of your dryer are obstructed this will also delay the drying times.

Getting your Creda tumble dryer repaired

Booking a Creda dryer repair in London is simple. You’ll be able to get a quick quote upfront and schedule the work to be carried out at a time that suits you. A trained and experienced technician will quickly diagnose any problems you’re having and fix them immediately. And what’s more, you’ll be given a six months parts and labour guarantee when your service is complete.


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