Diplomat Electric Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

Diplomat Electric Oven Problems

Electric ovens have many benefits from heating more efficiently to offering more consistency in temperature and cooking.

If you have a Diplomat electric oven, you’ll probably be aware that Diplomat ceased trading in 2008 so you can’t actually buy new Diplomat appliances. 

See common Diplomat electric ovens problems and troubleshooting here…

Diplomat oven not heating up

If the fan is running and the thermostat light is on but there’s no heat this is probably due to failing oven elements. Your fan oven element may appear to be working normally but food won’t cook properly. Burning and bulging of the element are a sure sign that it needs replacing.

If your oven won’t heat to the right temperature this could be the result of a faulty temperature sensor that may need replacing, or a sensor that is touching the oven wall and needs recalibrating.

Diplomat oven not working

If your oven isn’t working at all the issue will typically lie with the incoming power supply. This could be the power socket, plug, or a blown thermal fuse. If the heating element has burned out and doesn’t have continuity this will also cause the oven to not turn on.

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Burnt wire connections and a defective thermostat sensor can also lead to oven failure. The thermostat monitors the oven temperature and when the desired temperature is reached the control board shuts off the voltage. If this part is defective the oven may not turn on and a replacement part will need to be expertly fitted following testing for resistance.

If the electricity trips when you try to turn the oven on this indicates that an element has gone to earth, indicating a wiring issue that should be checked safely by an electrical engineer.

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Diplomat oven fan not working

If your oven fan isn’t spinning this could be due to a malfunctioning motor. There may be other signs such as the fan making excessive noise, or heat that isn’t circulating properly. A noisy fan is often caused by dry or worn-out bearings that can be resolved by replacing the fan motor.

Fan blades that become loose can also make the fan ineffective and noisy. A fan oven covered with grease or food remnants can also contribute to the fan not working. A well-functioning oven has a fan that evenly distributes heat radiated by the heating element – if there’s a fault in the fan this will interfere with the ideal heating of your oven.

Diplomat oven cutting out

This signifies an overheating problem that may be related to the fan motor, the main oven thermostat, or a defective safety thermostat. If fitted a cooling fan failure can also cause this issue. The safety thermostat will automatically shut the oven down if your appliance starts to overheat.

Ventilation problems can also cause your oven to shut down. If the airflow is restricted or blocked in some way the oven will overheat and switch off – adequate ventilation is essential.

Component failure is another common issue here. The timer and the switch can easily become damaged and will interfere with your oven functions.

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