Dishwasher E4 Error Code Troubleshooting

loaded bosch dishwasher

Modern appliances are designed with a warning system that digitally displays error codes when malfunctions are detected. Dishwasher E4 error is one of the most common failures and it typically means that there’s too much water in your machine.

Your dishwasher sensors will activate as soon as something prevents it from operating normally and in the case of compact models, will also emit an acoustic signal for approximately 30 seconds alongside the error message E4 displaying.

Dishwasher E4 error code troubleshooting

When your dishwasher is experiencing problems, beeping, and showing the E4 error code this can be caused by several things and the Aquastop alarm system will be triggered indicating that the sump is full:

The overflow sensor

There’s a float in your dishwasher that rises as the water level in your appliance increases. When the float rises to a certain level it sends a signal to the float switch to turn the water off. If the float sticks in a certain position and is unable to rise this will result in the inactivation of the float switch and your dishwasher will overflow.

The drainage system

Within this system is the drain hose which needs to be correctly connected and not kinked, obstructed, or damaged in any way. Then there are the filters that need to be clean and clear, and the waste pipe from the kitchen sink that should be draining properly.

The water pressure may be set too high, and there could be an issue with the drain pump. Alternatively, there may be a problem with a faulty water inlet valve. When this part works properly it provides your dishwasher with the proper amount of water and then shuts off. A defective water inlet valve will result in an overflow situation.

The door gasket

The rubber seal around the door of your dishwasher is known as a gasket which seals the door to the body of the appliance to stop any water from escaping. If the gasket wears down, becomes obstructed with food debris, or tears, you’ll find leaks as the water can’t be restricted.

A communication failure

This can occur between the control board and the display and will require a visit from an experienced service engineer.

How to reset dishwasher with error code

Resetting your dishwasher may be done by simply unplugging it from the power supply and waiting for the electrical charge to clear which can take a few minutes, and then plugging back in and turning it on again.

If this doesn’t fix the problem you can press the start/reset button on your appliance and wait for a few minutes. If this is unsuccessful you can reboot the system by turning off the power at the circuit breaker and then try again after flipping the switch back on.

To reset the dishwasher control panel it will need to be disconnected from the power source for around one minute before plugging it back in. To reset the control board press the off button and unplug the power cable. Leave unplugged for about 15 minutes before plugging back in and turning the power on.

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