Electrolux Dryer Issues And Troubleshooting

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If your Electrolux dryer isn’t operating as it should it’s helpful to be able to trace where the problems may lie. Analysing and solving serious issues is best left to experienced and qualified engineers, but discovering why your appliance isn’t working effectively can be beneficial in establishing the probable cause.

See some common Electrolux dryer issues and troubleshooting here…

Electrolux dryer error codes

Look at some of the everyday error codes that can help interpret faults even if you can’t fix them yourself:

Error code E15

Electrolux dryer E15 error indicates that the dryer has been overfilled. Removing some of the wash load may resolve this problem. However, if the code persists the issue may lie with the drum rotation and will require a repair technician to investigate further.

Error code E31

If the moisture sensor is too high this error code will display. There may be a blockage obstructing the actual sensor, or the sensor’s wire harness may be damaged. If this isn’t the case then the electronic control board may be at fault.

Error code E61

A heater relay issue is signified by this error code. If the wire harness between the control board and the heating element is damaged it will need to be repaired or replaced. If this is intact the electronic control board may need to be replaced.

Error code E64

Electrolux dryer error codes E64 indicates a problem with the wiring to the heater or the heating element itself. If there’s damage or testing shows a lack of continuity the wire harness or the heating element will need to be replaced.

Electrolux dryer troubleshooting

Electrolux dryer has excessive lint build-up

All Electrolux dryers that had the potential risk to catch fire due to the build-up of lint in inaccessible places have had appropriate action taken. An accumulation of lint in the blower wheel will cause an obstruction that results in the dryer shaking and being unable to function properly. A replacement filter assembly unit may need to be installed.

Electrolux dryer not heating

If your dryer isn’t heating this is usually caused by a malfunctioning heating element. The reason for this is overheating resulting in damaged wiring that causes the element to collapse. This will need to be replaced.

Other factors that can contribute include an exhaust vent full of lint which will need to be cleared. The thermostat may also not be working properly and need to be replaced.

Electrolux dryer is noisy

A rumbling Electrolux dryer noise could be related to a lint build-up in the blower house. If this is the case the lint housing may need to be replaced. A grinding noise is often caused by a worn-out drum roller, and a humming noise indicates that the motor may have jammed or had issues with moving.

A metallic noise is typically the heat pump that operates at high pressure and may emit knocking sounds. If the dryer is too near the wall a rattling noise may be heard – this could also be a loose fan or problem with the fan housing.

A beeping noise could be caused by the moisture sensor, and scraping sounds point to foreign objects caught in the drum.

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