Electrolux Self-Cleaning Oven Problems and Troubleshooting

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Electrolux is a reputable appliance brand and manufacturer and has been on the market for ages. Despite its strong reputation for quality, you may encounter some Electrolux oven problems which can put you in a pickle. But don’t worry. There are very likely solutions to the particular problem you’re facing. You just need to know what the issue is, what caused it and how it can be dealt with. Let’s explore some of these aspects in more detail below. 


Common Electrolux self-cleaning oven problems and troubleshooting

  • Failure to heat: one of the most common reasons why your Electrolux oven is failing to heat is because the bake element is effective. This may need to be replaced. Furthermore, it could be caused by a broken oven burner, which means that your oven won’t be able to produce any heat. This burner can be replaced and the good news is that you do not need to replace the entire oven. In addition, you could be dealing with loose door seals. This could result in the oven not being able to close at all with heat escaping. This can also be a relatively minor yet important fix to make. It’s simply a matter of identifying the problem and ensuring that you get the right replacement parts for it. 
  • Failure to turn on: this could be due to a faulty power supply or when a circuit breaker has tripped. You may need to replace the fuse and ensure that the power outlet works prior to using your oven.
  • Uneven temperature: if your oven has uneven temperature, you could be dealing with a faulty temperature sensor. This will help you avoid having unevenly cooked food, which incidentally, could also be caused by a faulty convection element or when the oven sensor resistance is incorrect. 
  • Burner is producing sparks: a possible cause for this is a defective spark ignition switch, which could produce sparks on the surface of the burner. In such a case, the switch may need to be replaced. 
  • You have an overrunning fan: in this case, you could be dealing with a defective relay in the oven control board. Once again, a replacement part could do the trick. 
  • Self-cleaning is inefficient: if you face such a situation where your self-cleaning Electrolux oven is cleaning itself inefficiently, you may need professional help to help with your door lock motor or a defective switch assembly.
  • A 400 error code: this is an indication that your oven is not properly connected to the electrical supply. You should first check that the power cord is connected to a power source and see that the main power supply is working. If you are faced with a damaged cable, it will need to be replaced. Alternatively, you may need to check that the wall socket which you’ve plugged your oven into is also working fine. 

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  • Your oven lamp is not operational: another sign of Electrolux double oven problems is when your lamp is not working. If the light is failing to light up the interior of the oven while it’s working, you may have a defective bulb, which will need to be replaced. 
  • Your oven is displaying a 12.00 error code: this is a simple problem, which is indicative of a power failure meaning that the oven’s clock has been reset. Because your oven won’t work until the clock is set properly, you can do this quick fix quickly by yourself by setting the timer to the correct time. 
  • Water leaks from the cavity embossment: it’s likely that you’ve put too much water in the cavity embossment and it is leaking out. You should immediately turn off your oven and let it cool down. Afterwards, clean up the spilled water and remove some of the water in the cavity, making sure you do not exceed the maximum quantity allowed as indicated. 
  • Water is not boiling in the cavity embossment: the cavity embossment uses water which it then boils to produce steam. This happens if the temperature set is too low. Make sure you keep the temperature to at least 100 degrees Celsius. 
  • Your oven is heating up too much: another reason why your Electrolux oven is not working properly could be because a broken thermostat means that your oven is heating up too much. Since the thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature, a faulty or broken one can lead to higher temperatures than intended. A further issue related to overly high temperatures is the heating element and its wiring connections, which could be faulty. This is an issue that a specialist will need to be called in for. 


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