Extend The Life Of Your Washing Machine With A Few Easy Checks

loaded washing machine

Maintaining your washing machine needn’t be a challenge! With just a few basic tips you can make sure it keeps working efficiently – saving you time and money. See how to extend the life of your washing machine with a few easy checks here…

Maintenance and usage

The treatment of your washing machine will influence its longevity. Frequent usage may shorten the average lifespan of a washing machine, and leaving operating issues unresolved can have the same effect.

The average life of a washing machine is typically seven to 13 years, with a new washing machine lifespan generally being about 11 years. Older washing machines may not last as long due to design basics, so if your old model breaks down after eight years you may want to consider replacing it if repairs are too costly.

Increasing the average lifespan of your washing machine

Install your washing machine on level ground

You need to make sure your washing machine is balanced to stop any noises and unnecessary movement during wash cycles. Stress due to imbalance can damage the motor, and excessive vibration may cause leaks and other mechanical problems.

If your floor space isn’t level you should be able to adjust the front-levelling legs on your appliance and then secure them by tightening the lock nut against the body of your washing machine.

Don’t overload or underload

Your laundry needs to be able to move freely during a wash cycle and if it’s prevented from doing this it uses more energy. This results in additional strain on the motor, transmission, and belts. You may also find that your wash load isn’t completely clean.

It’s also important to remember that small loads can lead to off-balance cycles which put a strain on drive components and also waste water and energy.

Use the right amount of detergent

When you use too much detergent or ones not recommended by your washing machines manufacturer this can result in malfunctions. Your appliance has to work harder to remove excess suds which can block the draining system, causing leaks.

Too much detergent can also affect your clothes by staining and marking, and also leaving an unpleasant smell.

Remove lint

Depending on where your filters are located you should regularly slide them out to rinse them under running water, before re-inserting them. Bear in mind that lint can also build up in the drain during the drain cycle, so it’s important to keep your machine as lint-free as possible.

Clean outside and in

Regularly wipe down dust and spills from the glass doors and seal both on the exterior and interior of your washing machine. Clean out dispensers and wipe down the drum to keep it free from any clothing dye.

Keep the door open between washes

This will let the drum breathe and help prevent mould and mildew from developing. This also limits any unpleasant odours.

Check water hoses

It’s a good idea to check your washing machine hoses from time to time to make sure there’s no damage or kinking which can affect the washing machines ability to fill or empty. It’s generally recommended that hoses are replaced every five years.

Got a problem?

So you’ve been taking care of your washing machine and it’s suddenly experiencing operating issues? Don’t panic – washing machine repair in London is easy to arrange. You’ll be able to schedule a booking with a highly trained technician with all the skills and tools needed to carry out your repairs quickly. Get a quick quote upfront and receive a six-month part and labour guarantee following your service.

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