Fabric Softener Dispenser – How Does It Work?

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Fabric softener is a product added to your wash to make your clothes feel softer, more comfortable to wear – and smell beautifully fresh. Depending on the type of washing machine you have the fabric conditioner can be added to the detergent compartment of the washing machine, or into a sink for hand washing. You need to use the correct amount of this laundry detergent to avoid any issues with your appliance – take a look at how to use fabric conditioner here…

Fabric Softener Savvy

Fabric softeners have many benefits when added to your wash. They:

  • May be formulated to be extra gentle on delicate skin, making them ideal for baby clothes
  • Help to protect clothes by lightly conditioning fibres, helping them keep a smooth appearance and looking newer for longer
  • Avoid you having to do as much ironing as clothes washed in a fabric conditioner come out of the washing machine less crumpled
  • Leave your clothes with a long-lasting fresh smell

How to Use Fabric Conditioner

For the best results:

  • Use the softer within three months
  • Store at room temperature and away from direct sunlight
  • Avoid extremes of heat and cold, and never allow it to freeze
  • Don’t keep for long periods of time as this biodegradable product will thicken and break down
  • For towels wash hot and use a cool dryer setting

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The Fabric Conditioner Compartment

My fabric softener dispenser – how does it work? This frequently asked question can simply be answered as follows:

  • You add the recommended amount of fabric softener into the compartment where it stays until needed
  • When your washing machine gets to the final rinse the water is directed into the softener compartment causing a syphon effect
  • The incoming water and fabric conditioner are drawn through the syphon into the washing machine drum
  • This syphon continues until the water is drained from the compartment leaving it empty and ready for the next load

Fabric Dispenser Maintenance

  • In order to keep your dispense drawer clean and free, you need to always use the right amount – check the recommended guide for quantity and make sure all garments are suitable for conditioning.
  • Always put the fabric conditioner in the right compartment – if you add it to the detergent part it’ll be added into the main wash and it works best during the rinse cycle
  • Don’t mix cleaning products as this can cause quality problems with your fabric conditioner
  • Use a recommended softener as less expensive ones can clog the dispenser
  • Take out the dispenser drawer regularly to remove any softener residues which can lead to bacteria and emit a nasty smell – wash and rinse with warm water before replacing
  • At the back of the fabric conditioner section, there’s a removable section that can be taken out for cleaning to avoid a build-up of conditioner

Dispenser Issues

Why does the fabric softener not drain? A congealed mass could simply be the reason. Otherwise, it could be the water inlet valve has failed and needs to be replaced – if the fabric softener hasn’t been removed from the detergent drawer the single solenoid or complete valve will need to be dealt with by an experienced engineer.

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