Fan Assisted Oven Not Heating Up Properly And More Common Issues


A fan assisted oven has a fan that’s designed to circulate air around the food cooking it evenly and often in less time and at a lower temperature. You also have the ability to cook multiple dishes at a time without the temperature dropping.

A fan oven that has stopped heating up or isn’t getting hot is one of the most common oven problems and can simply be a case of giving the oven fan a deep clean. However, if you find that your oven fan isn’t turning on then this article will help you diagnose if not fix the problem.


Oven heating but fan not working

Should the fan in my oven be turning? The answer to this frequently asked question is yes. If the fan is noisy and turning slowly or not at all a fan blade may have loosened which can cause operating problems and make a noise.

There could be a problem with the fan motor if the oven light comes on and the element gets hot but the heating is ineffective. This main component may be showing signs that it’s failing which include excess noise, and will need to be replaced.

Another common cause of the fan not working is a fan element failure. Your oven will appear to be working but there’s no heat generated. Visual signs that this is happening include bulging and burning on the coil, but the appropriate panel may need to be removed for you to actually see this problem.

If there’s no light in the oven and the fan isn’t working this points to a problem with the oven thermostat which opens and closes in response to the temperature that is sensed, so cycles the heat on and off to maintain the internal oven temperature. If this is failing you’ll notice longer than usual cooking times, uneven cooking, and overheating issues, and the thermostat may need expertly replacing.

oven baked goods

Fan assisted oven not heating up properly

You’ll need to check that the clock is set properly as that can affect the ability of the oven to turn on. You should be able to fix this by setting the time on your oven as described in your manufacturer’s manual.

An oven not heating up properly indicates a possible issue with the thermal cut out which is a device that automatically cuts your oven off if it gets too hot to prevent any overheating. A multimeter will need to be used to assess the resistance across the connections, and if readings are different then the component will need to be replaced.

Another part of the oven prone to failure is the fan heating element. If the oven is working but blowing cold air and the oven thermostat light is on this shows probable damage to the element which could have burnt out or been broken inside the casing.

Oven repair costings

Fan ovens are built to last and a repair can often be a short-term resolution. See some typical oven repair costs below:

  • An oven thermostat costs between £90 and £105.
  • A typical oven fan replacement cost is around £100
  • An oven element tends to be between £80 and £100.

You should choose an appliance repair specialist company that’ll give you a free quote without any obligation so that you can budget for your repairs. And that won’t charge you a call-out fee or require a deposit. You’ll get a fully qualified and experienced engineer charging affordable prices with every repair having a six months parts and labour guarantee.

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