Fan Assisted Oven Not Heating Up Properly-This Is Why

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A fan-assisted oven has a fan designed to move air around the food – distributing heat evenly to cook food in less time and at a lower temperature. You’ll know if your oven is fan assisted by a three-pronged fan symbol shown on the outside.

Fan assisted ovens are so popular as they’re extremely effective, but occasionally things can go awry. When your fan assisted oven is not heating up properly – this is why…

Your Troubleshooting Guide

Get answers to frequently asked questions:

Why is my oven heating but fan not working?

If the oven fan isn’t spinning it could be caused by a faulty motor. The signs of a faulty fan motor are the fan blades moving slowly, or not at all, excessive noise and the indicator light is on, the element is hot, but the heat is uneven.

An experienced technician will be able to remove the inside panel of your oven to reach the fan. Turning the fan manually will determine if the motor is at fault. Alternatively, one or more of the blades may have come loose which could be repaired. Or the fan may simply be covered with grease and food remnants and need a thorough clean.

A replacement motor would need to be installed as soon as possible to prevent the fan element from overheating and eventually breaking.

Why is my fan oven not heating up properly?

This may be due to a faulty oven fan element. If the fan is working but the oven is blowing cold air and the thermostat light is on – this indicates the element surrounding the fan could be damaged.

The back panel of the oven will need to be removed for this part to be safely inspected, and is best left to a professional who can then replace any faulty components.

If the oven light is on and the element gets hot, but the oven doesn’t heat up, this could be a problem with the fan motor itself. If the fan is noisy and turning more slowly than usual the fan may need to be replaced.

Testing the thermal cut out may also be necessary. This device is a safety feature designed to protect your oven from overheating. If the thermal cut out has failed it may point to other issues such as a problem with the thermostat – if the temperature indicator light stays lit when the oven is on low the main thermostat may need repairing or replacing.

Should the fan in my oven be turning?

Yes, it should but there are several reasons that can prevent it from doing so. A common culprit is a clock that isn’t set properly – particularly after a seasonal time change or following a power cut. You may need to refer to your manual to carry out a reset.

If the clock isn’t displaying and certain areas of the cooker aren’t working this indicates an issue with the terminal block. There are a number of circuits connected by links at the back of the oven which will need to be checked for loose connections which have resulted in damage.

What is an oven fan replacement cost?

  • Replacing the oven fan can cost between £175 and £250.
  • Replacing the oven element will cost between £75 and £125.
  • Replacing the thermostat may cost up to £250.

Can I get my fan fixed?

Easily – all you have to do is book a repair online with a trusted appliance repair company. You’ll get a hassle-free and fast service without any call-out fees. Your fully qualified and highly trained engineer will find the source of your fan oven problems and fix them quickly and efficiently.

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