Hoover Tumble Dryer Issues And Troubleshooting

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Hoover tumble dryers are available in vented, heat pump, and condenser types. All are designed with bespoke care and innovative solutions to dry the way you live.

So, what happens when your appliance starts to experience drying difficulties? See common Hoover tumble dryer issues and troubleshooting here…

Hoover tumble dryer problems

Hoover tumble dryer keeps cutting out

If the electrics trip each time you start your tumble dryer this needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It could be the result of the condenser becoming blocked with lint causing excessive moisture to blow a fuse.

This could also happen due to a faulty heater or a defective thermal switch. Any electrical issues should be safely investigated by a qualified appliance repair engineer.

If there are too many garments in the drum and the appliance senses an overload then it may result in this happening. You’ll need to reduce the load size by taking out some of the clothes.

Hoover tumble dryer is very noisy

Solving this problem can be complex as this can be caused by faulty bearings, defective or worn jockey wheels, worn felt pads, or damaged motor bearings. Drum rollers, the fan, and tension pulleys can all contribute to noise levels. An experienced appliance repairer will be able to diagnose and resolve any of these issues for you.

Hoover condenser tumble dryer faults

A condenser tumble dryer collects moisture from wet clothes in a reservoir located in the dryer. When this tank is full you have to manually empty it, or depending on the model it may be automatically pumped out. Look at a troubleshooting guide below:

Hoover condenser tumble dryer not drying

This could be due to something simple such as the filter being obstructed and needing to be cleaned. It’s possible that lint has fallen down into the condenser where it may have stuck, and this can build up over time and stop the airflow.

However, when there’s no heat in the dryer this may be caused by a faulty element, defective thermostats, or a tripped thermostat. There may be a fault with the drainage into the reservoir which results in the float switch being activated to stop any more water from being collected.

All of these issues can be easily identified and parts repaired or replaced by an appliance engineer.

Hoover condenser dryer all lights flashing

If the problem doesn’t lie with the thermostats or the heating element it may be related to the circuit board. This is the electronic unit that controls the programmes in your appliance. If there’s a fault here it will need to be expertly replaced.

Hoover tumble dryer error codes

An error code is a specific number that identifies what the error is in your appliance, and can be very helpful to the engineer in finding a resolution to the problem. For example:

Hoover tumble dryer error code E03

This error code is warning that the water tank needs to be emptied.

Hoover tumble dryer error code E07/E09/E11

The filter and condenser may be experiencing blockages.

Hoover tumble dryer error code E08

Error code E08 can commonly be a problem detected with the motor. The most common cause is that the carbon brushes have worn down and can’t complete a circuit through the motor. If this is the case the motor should be replaced.

When you need professional support

Hoover tumble dryer repair London experts are on hand to help with many problems. Your work will be carried out by fully qualified engineers with years of industry experience. And every repair comes with standard six-month parts and labour guarantee. Quick and efficient response times will ensure that your Hoover tumble dryer will soon be working again as new!

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