Hoover Washer Error Codes Explained

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Hoover washing machine error codes are explained in more detail here…

Hoover washing machine error codes

Hoover washing machine E01

This points to an issue with the door lock which could be the lock itself, the connection to the printed circuit board, or faulty wiring.

Hoover washing machine E02

Error E02 on your Hoover washing machine means your appliance is unable to fill. This could be caused by the pressure of the incoming water supply, the inlet valve, or an obstructed fill hose.

Hoover washing machine E03

This drainage problem may be due to a defective drain pump or a blockage in the drain hose. If the drain pump is failing it will need to be replaced.

Hoover washing machine E04

A leak is typically the reason why this error code displays and it can be due to a malfunction of the anti-flood mechanism.

Hoover washing machine E05

This error code indicates that there’s a problem with the temperature sensor that connects to the heating element.it may be a loose connection or could be a faulty NTC device.

Hoover washing machine E06

If your appliance is out of balance this error code will show. It may be an unbalanced wash load but could be a signal issue with the control board.

Hoover washing machine E07

A motor fault that can be potentially serious and cause your washing machine to stop operating is the reason for this error code.

Hoover washing machine E08

This code is implying that there’s a problem with the motor speed sensor causing your washing machine to spin erratically or not at all.

Hoover washing machine E09

A short circuit in the motor triac which controls the spin speed can be the reason for this error code and the component will need to be replaced.

Hoover washing machine E10

If your washing machine is an older model error code E10 implies a problem with the timer, or it could even mean a drum sensor issue.

The following codes relate to issues with Hoover washer/dryers:

Hoover washing machine E11

This indicates a problem with the dryer sensor or its wiring. Occasionally the electrical wires leading to the sensor can be damaged due to tension or wear.

Hoover washing machine E15

If the memory chip has become corrupted or the circuit board needs re-programming this error code will display.

Hoover washing machine E16

If your washer/dryer is showing an E16 error code it’s likely the problem will be related to the water heater and will probably be a broken heating element.

Hoover washing machine E17

A problem with the motor tachometer that controls the speed of your washing machine motor can be due to faulty wiring and connections, or the motor itself.

Hoover washing machine E18

This code indicates a problem with the washing machine control board which is the main component of your appliance. If this is found to be defective it will need expertly replacing.

Hoover washing machine E20

In some models, a blockage or obstruction in the drain pump will cause this error code to display.

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